Rickenbacker like The Byrds

In the coming weeks I hope to have my Rickenbacker 330/12 delivered. I’m really looking forward to it!
I’m mainly going to use it for recording in Cubase. I want my 12 string to sound like Roger McQuinn’s guitar in the sixties’ Byrds. I use Guitar Rig and Amplitube. Any tips, tricks or suggestions to get that that jingle-jangle sound?

I’m not sure there’s anything Cubase-specific I can suggest. My first thought would be to try out one of the Vox emulations in Amplitube, which might get you there. Might be worth looking here for more:

Roger McGuinn's Rickenbackers: Chasing the Byrds | Reverb News

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From what I recall reading some time ago, one of the key ingredients of his sound was a specific compressor: https://www.janglebox.com/

And if memory serves me right, he had the circuitry installed right into his Rick, rather than using a stomp box - but that shouldn’t make a sonic difference in itself.

However I’ve never seen a VST plugin that emulates the JangleBox compressor out of the box). Supposedly there’s a free MaxForLive emulation.

So it might be an exercise to use a good compressor plugin and then start experimenting with settings that boost some of the upper frequencies.

Or get the real thing :slight_smile:

Thanks BuckleBean,
I’ll dive into it!

Nico5, I’ve read about that before. His amp and guitar were ‘special’.

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Compression and ‘lots of high’ …
I’ll see what the Max can achieve!

Use a proper amp not software (Software never gets the guitar tone input correct)
Use a Janglebox
There is a McGuinn Rickenbacker with a Janglebox in it (370/12)
He used to use a Marshall (clean) amp and a 4 x 12
Also Pyramid Gold Flatwound strings.
I know this becuase i asked him about 10 years ago

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Good advice, thanks!

Thanks Adrian,
I’m afraid I’ll have to stick to software. I’m quite happy with what Amplitube has to offer. Paying around with a few presets got me e.g. a great Robert Fripp ‘Starless’ sound. Besides, I want to stay friendly with my neighbours.
Maybe finding out about the what the janglebox does and using flatwounds will help me further on the way.

I’m sure I read somewhere that he used to record straight into the desk, through two LA 2A compressors.
Edit: This would seem to be confirmed if you look at the second link posted above.


I saw it, yes.
Wasn’t that the way in the sixties?

Bit late but, yes in the studio he went straight into the desk.
Also in a studio we got the same tone using a hand made electric 12 string where the engineer just compressed it to death. It really is a fine art to play because of all the noise that comes with it. Try the new Jangle box it maybe better now.

How did you get the Starless tone if you don’t mind sharing? Love that sound! :pray:

Howdy - I saw the “McGuinn” light go on when I got the “Vocal King Pro” plugin. Try KVR for download.
You’ll freak! Also, on my Rick, I replaced my pickups with 60’s “Toaster” style, it made a big difference.
Got them someplace near Milwaukee, reasonable. Have fun!! The Prof