Right Button menu is gone?

One of the things that I loved about Cubase was the big menu with all the necessary tools, and now is gone or changed :confused:
It was such a time saver…

Perhaps an option in the preferences?

It’s gone/changed/simplified. Big workflow killer.

I couldn’t find that either. I checked the prefs and got the toolbar to come up but not the combined one.

They should let you customise the menu so you can have a special list of thing you need.

Oh no! I use that right click menu literally all the time - relied upon it for years. I don’t want to go hunting through menus. This is terrible news.

Try holding ALT or CTRL while right-clicking.? One of those works on 9.5 to give you the full menu, if you’ve got the pop-up toolbox assigned…

Yea ALT seems to toggle it to the other choice. So if you can the menu selected as the default choice, ALT will bring up the toolbar instead.

Right click is now contextual. For instance, if you right click on a midi part, you will get menu with commands, that are related to midi etc.

That’s fine, the issue is that it wasn’t bundled with the tools like the old way. I have yet to see a way to get the tools up contextually. It just requires holding ALT now.

Pop-up Toolbox on Right-Click is disabled, so there is no need to hold Alt.

Completely sucks… They need to fix this ASAP

Woah, this is a major workflow killer! So now for example if I want to use “split loop” I have to click on a part, then go up to the edit > functions menu?

Why? Just…why?

“There are also some new workflows that are not featured on the “new feature” page, like cleaned up context menus…” (from Matthias Quellmann)

For those who need the tools and the context menu with the right click: you can activate the toolbox in the preferences and you’ll get the context menu with CTRL+Right Click.

Yeah, this isn’t applicable here, this isn’t toolbox-related - you can deactivate that behaviour in prefs (which I have).

Compare the right-click context menu in 9.5 to 10, literally 2/3 of it is no longer there.

And that’s great. Because now the context menu only shows the functions, which are related to the current event or track type.

It really isn’t great, it’s removed many functions that people have been using for years.

Without wanting to sound argumentative, have you actually used version 10 yet (it’s not in your sig)? I’d imagine not, otherwise you’d likely realise just how much has actually been removed from this menu.

If you have, then perhaps you didn’t make as much use of the context menu functions as many of us do/have, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in being concerned that a lot of stuff that we have accessed from the context menu for years has been removed, forcing yet another re-training of muscle memory, and a slower, more roundabout way of doing things being enforced for no good reason.

For example, how should I start working with Range functions now? Used to use context menu… Guess it’s learning/coming up with keyboard shortcuts now.

Yeah this isn’t cool. I’ve been using Cubase since V3 on the Atari ST and my muscle memory is highly tuned to using the right click menus.

Yes I’ve updated yesterday. From the context menu they have removed the functions which are not usable in the current context. It’s context sensible now. For me this makes sense. Which functions do you miss?
I have the toolbox on the right mouse click and activate the context menu with the Ctrl key, when I need it. I use it often.