Right-Click menu options missing

All the features of the right click on an event, like transport (locators to event), etc are missing. This is the worst update ever. I’m done with Cubase. After years of loyalty…I’m looking at Studio One now. All the menu options are gone, productivity is nowhere to be found. What a bunch of idiots.

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The right-click pop-up menus were cleaned up, and only the most often used function remained.

Most used by whom??? Steinberg??? This a personal workflow issue and personally I used so many functions from there which have deleted and not editable so this dictatorship attitude is a deal breaker for me. How dare they tell me what to use and how to work. I find this very frustrating and unfair. I have been with Steinberg for many years and invested lots of money with them, I should be able to choose what I want in the contextual menu in fact any way I want to work should be my choice not theirs!
I am furious with this unacceptable update which is full of bugs, has a new appearance with awful large fonts, and tacky screens, this looks to have been made by a bunch of kids who are just starting out.
I like the idea of the new facilities, however they have not been implemented properly, neither tested properly, and so many people are unhappy with it. Shame on you Steinberg/Yamaha we deserve better treatment for being loyal to you. I have been forced to go back to 9.5 which thankfully still functions on my system well without all this rubbish, and hope that one day soon you will be able to rectify what you have totally messed up in this amazingly useless update!

Bring it back please. The software is un-useable now.

Bring it back… all 9.5 functions !!! +1

Funny, I don’t remember being asked which functions I used most before 95% of them were removed…


Bring it back, please!!!

Wow. Just wow. People really need to chill out. You can still access them from the menu at the top. TBH I personally prefer the cleaned up menu. Besides, you have a thing called key commands. Maybe use them to bind you most used features to a key?? Like most people do.

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People freaking out about losing right-click menu saying it’s killing their workflow, need to realize using right-click menu instead of key commands was always killing their workflow.

I avoided that menu specifically because of the clutter.

You’re seriously straight up amateur if you actually depended on right click menu that much, I wouldn’t hire you.

transport (locators to event)? Seriously? I learned that command probably back in SX3 days.

hard love.

You don’t need to be that offencive. I consider myself a professional but I don’t use the key commands that much.
The old Right-click menue was cluttered and not case sensitive. But i used it alot. So I would like to see it back, may be in some altered form,
but not that radicaly changed as it is now.
Different strokes for different folks.

Professionals use key commands period. ’

It’s unprofessional and unethical to expect people to pay you to do something in a way that, unnecessarily, takes longer (even if it is down to milliseconds - they add up) when something is easily available and designed to be at your disposable to do the job quicker.

I would - never - hire someone who is dependent on right click menu. Not being offensive, just honest.


In fact, I’ve had falling outs and have kicked people out/fired, for using menus… Only after they ignored me repeatedly though bringing it up.

I use many different programs for audio, video and graphics on a daily basis. I don’t want to learn hundreds of key commands that differ for all of the above. I know the essentials for each program but not all the little used commands. In Cubase, I like the right-click to bring up tools and have the menu options at the SAME TIME without having to hit an extra modifier key. Extra click, extra time. None of my work seems to suffer because I use the right mouse button. I would like Steinberg to have the option for behaviours as per v9.5 or the new one for people who think they are working faster because they have less. To change the very first thing the user has always interacted with without consultation seems insane to me. Otherwise, I like the audio align feature and I bought the update because of the promised future support for ARA. New vari-audio tools are good in my tests.

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REALLY GUYS? are you serious? you would kick someone out because he uses the right click menu? “professionals always use key commands?” am I hearing this correctly?
Everyone is painted with the same brush?
So we are all now just one man working in the same way, in the same manner, in the same robotic style? hmm what ever happened to individuality? people’s right to choose how to work?
So I guess pretty soon we should all be making the same music, same style, using the same method, drinking the same coffee, smoking the same cigarettes, wearing the same clothes and all have the same smelly armpits…
wow, I guess either I am lagging behind or something is drastically wrong here.
Forgive me, I am definitely NOT a professional because i DO use the right click, and always will!

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So, like now only showing QUIT? :laughing: :unamused:

Hope you are working only for yourself in your own bunker…good luck for the lonely future!

Grow up mate

Yeah, considering I’m pretty damn generous with my personal and studio time, I don’t want to see people wasting it looking for things in menus. I wish there was an administrative function in Cubase to remove menus all together forcing people to use hotkeys (feature request? :smiley:)

How many of you menu surfers are working for top 40 producers or blockbuster films? Good luck getting that gig, the person using hotkeys likely already beat you to the punc… hotkey assignable function.

You’re definitely not a professional if you depend on right click menu… It’s simply unprofessional… It has nothing to do with all being the same way, making the same music, etc, etc… It has to do with not disrespecting someones time by not working as efficiently as you can.

Do you really expect me, to pay someone a portion of my profits, to see them menu surfing doing something that I could do myself 3x as fast if not more?

Steinberg, please bring back the full right-click list. It wasn’t broken and it didn’t need fixing.