Ripple Edit - for Events and Ranges (voice overs, composing, film e.g.)

I doubt we’ll see it any time soon, same like NOT having a one-click way to change a mono into a stereo track and vice versa. Too much rocket sience in it and not related to content and more samples :roll_eyes::speak_no_evil:

+1. I would be able to use Cubase for so many more projects which require complex editing if ripple existed.

Another DAW I use has Ripple Edit . . .recently, working on a Cubase project, I needed it, I wondered what they called it, surely there must be something . . . but, the more I looked into it, Cubase doesn’t have it, and I wondered why ? . . . it’s such a basic need for composing, when you rethink the overall form, want to inject something in the middle.
So, I just wanted to chime into this very large and apparently old thread to add my wish for it to exist in Cubase !

+1 we need this!

Really useful feature!

Added to the Feature Requests Wiki !

+10000 Very cool feature!

May be a simple oversight, or we miss the obvious, but I’ve been using the ripple delete (like) function this way, I have 1 hr long voiceover edit & I want to edit it fast, (without having to move the remaining clip in place after I have deleted a part of unwanted audio) say, at 10:44 to 10:51 I have my unused audio, I simply mark this range with Range edit tool (shortcut key 2) and simply use shift+backspace to delete this unwanted part & move the remaining audio in place. This saves a ton of time… May be this can be helpful. simple as [2] select range & [shift+backspace] And I’m not using any custom shortcuts - these are the default shortcut keys… Please try it & let me know if it’s helpful…

you are talking about “cut time”, that is not quite what the OT is about

yeah, Maybe…

Sadly, with only 9 votes this FR sits at number 51 on the (forum) list of top voted ‘user requests.’

More sadly, I reckon this means there’ll be a no-show for this feature inside C13 whenever it arrives… (along with many others of folks favourite/longed for improvements etc., no doubt.!)

But this one.? I mean, its a giant audio editing/handling workflow fundamental I would say, that would benefit so many more than the 9 votes suggests… Come on SB, don’t you like the looks of this…? Its so cool… :smile:

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On the other hand, it tops as the #1 most voted feature requst in the Nuendo forum (36 votes currently)!

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Thanks @Starsprinkler - Nice.! Although someone there says its been requested for around 10 years now…!? :disappointed:

I can see Nuendo folk would benefit on a major scale with this; all that cut time/delete/insert range select or whatever, etc, etc… it blows… I see they also have that same GIF I posted up top, as the first post… !

BTW - I really like the post by ltf3 from Aug 2020

Crossing fingers that a great ripple edit feature will show up for Cubase 13. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

I guess we’ll find out soon!

From the leaks, it looks like it won’t be in 13, at least at launch. So I’m hoping Steinberg is still working on it for release some time during the lifespan of 13.

Come on, Steinberg. it’s long overdue, I know you have a big list of features you want to add, and maybe the celebrity composers don’t ask for it, but lowly post- and dialog- and broadcast/podcast-professionals want it very badly, and you’ve mentioned in the past it’s on your list. So I think at least a few people at Steinberg understand its importance!

Cheers and good luck with the C13 launch!

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Wonder if they could be on for building in a big feature like this, for an ‘interim’ release along the way…? They’ve said there are to be no more .5 updates as we’ve been used to - does this mean a C14 could be expected to release around this time next year perhaps.? There was also that ‘gapless audio engine’ loads of folk (and me) voted for… No hint of that in the leaks anywhere either…

Anyway, who knows…

Time marches on.!

What I’m hoping is that they are still working on ripple editing and that it will be available for Nuendo 13’s release, and they’ll add it to Cubase 13 in a few months… again, crossing fingers. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

But yeah, they have said no more X.5 releases if I recall, so who knows when/if/what will happen. Main thing is that they have already acknowledged that ripple editing is important, it’s just a matter of time before they implement. Perhaps they needed to work on the framework first to accommodate a ripple editing feature? I remain cautiously hopeful but also realistic.

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Pretty bummed to hear this but will reserve judgement for the official release. Because I’m doing more and more podcast work, I guess I will be becoming more and more intimate with Reaper.

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Agreed to reserve judgment until official release, and agreed it will be a bummer if they don’t release a great ripple editing feature in C13/N13.

Like you, I keep Reaper around for ripple editing. Podcast work is just one of many very good use cases for a top notch ripple editing feature. With you 100%!

I want to be optimistic though, since Steinberg has acknowledged that it’s important. I can’t remember where I read that (maybe this forum or the Nuendo thread?) but I have to believe that they wouldn’t say that and not mean it.

Steinberg’s guys are good guys IMO, they are likely pulled in many different directions, and it must be difficult to balance out the feature requests given the huge diversity of their user base. And TBH meat and potato features like great ripple editing may not be what Hans Zimmer is requesting, and I’m SURE Steinberg listens to people like him more than others.

And BTW, I love Hans Zimmer, and he’s done a lot for Cubase’s popularity, but Steinberg really needs to get with the times and realize a huge professional market is also podcasting, not to mention the MANY other workflows that would benefit from a great ripple editing feature.

Anyone know Hans Zimmer personally? Could you ask him to ask for ripple editing? :laughing:

Anyway, I do think we’ll get it eventually. But if the leak was accurate, then it looks like we have to wait some more. Still crossing fingers though. Lots and lots of crossing fingers, they’re kind of sore from crossing them so much…

Yes, 10 years ago I was doing more music & post so I didn’t even know what ripple editing was. I was using the usual work arounds in Cubendo and didn’t really know what I was missing…until I had to use Reaper for a new place I was working it. A real revelation working with real ripple editing. I love Cubase and am, still (for now) a loyal customer. But I’d really rather not work on two different apps.

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Though they did provide a specific solution for this called WaveLab Cast. Haven’t used it; looks very capable.

Which in turn, I can imagine, postpones yet again the decision for SB to devote resources/time to developing a full ripple-edit solution inside Cubendo…

Anyhow, it is the new way; we all have to turn to many tools these days, to the get the work done (I think Hans Zimmer and his ilk calls them ‘assistants/interns’.! :smiley: :rofl:)