Ripple Edit - for Events and Ranges (voice overs, composing, film e.g.)


Thought that I already supported this one, already. Apparently not… I remember having put it at a good place among my wishes in the last Cubase survey, though.
A priceless feature, useful in a LOT of situations.

I could see how this would be very useful for corporate recording jobs. In audiobooks, if you want to re-do a page or paragraph and the talent reads it slower or faster, which is guaranteed to happen, you have to select all the clips/takes after it and shift them. So this would dramatically speed up all audiobook recording/editing.

I could see how it would also be useful for voice overs, commercials etc…

+1 killer feature!

yes please +10

It drives me mad that Nuendo does not have this feature. Imagine, you get the locked off picture, spend weeks doing the edit then there are changes to the cut. Scenes shortened…this would make such a lot of sense to have and other programs I use have this feature which is super helpful.

This is the Cubase category.

It would be great to implement this as per Magix Sequoia/ samplitude. There’s 4 selectable modes.

  1. Normal - (as it is now)
  2. Lock all objects in time (ie events)
  3. Link 1 track (all events after the selected mirror the movement including automation when linked ti the event)
  4. Link all tracks (all events that start after the selected event mirror the movement.)

All these options are accessible in the editor window if you need to slip an edit .

You also have an option to lock individual events if you don’t want them moved. which brings up the “move before lock” option which will shift every thing before the first locked event. (usually more a prompt to go and see what’s going on)

Link all tracks is invaluable when multi-track editing. Is there a macro option that sorts this?

I’m very, very new to nuendo/cubase, I’m guessing the Apply changes to all multi track events is taken care of with folder tracks ?


This has been a popular request for decades… and I’m not even joking.
It’s completely necessary in any kind of timeline based editor but SB seem to be blind to the idea. I feel they think that the original ‘cut time’ concept is sufficient.
It’s not, and after all this time not addressing the requests they have to be just being pig-headed.

It’s not necessary to resort to name-calling.

Ok I apologize for pig -headed as an adjective

Given that I have posted about this many, many times, corresponded with SB directly and even spoken to SB employees face to face at events (US and German representatives) who in one case shrugged when I asked “why is this missing?” , they know about this issue, can I go with obdurate, contumacious, immovable, stubborn, resolved or headstrong?

Please pick for me. :wink:

I’m sure there’s more to it than that. Do you have any other adjectives?

I doubt we’ll see it any time soon, same like NOT having a one-click way to change a mono into a stereo track and vice versa. Too much rocket sience in it and not related to content and more samples :roll_eyes::speak_no_evil:

+1. I would be able to use Cubase for so many more projects which require complex editing if ripple existed.

Another DAW I use has Ripple Edit . . .recently, working on a Cubase project, I needed it, I wondered what they called it, surely there must be something . . . but, the more I looked into it, Cubase doesn’t have it, and I wondered why ? . . . it’s such a basic need for composing, when you rethink the overall form, want to inject something in the middle.
So, I just wanted to chime into this very large and apparently old thread to add my wish for it to exist in Cubase !

+1 we need this!

Really useful feature!

Added to the Feature Requests Wiki !

+10000 Very cool feature!

May be a simple oversight, or we miss the obvious, but I’ve been using the ripple delete (like) function this way, I have 1 hr long voiceover edit & I want to edit it fast, (without having to move the remaining clip in place after I have deleted a part of unwanted audio) say, at 10:44 to 10:51 I have my unused audio, I simply mark this range with Range edit tool (shortcut key 2) and simply use shift+backspace to delete this unwanted part & move the remaining audio in place. This saves a ton of time… May be this can be helpful. simple as [2] select range & [shift+backspace] And I’m not using any custom shortcuts - these are the default shortcut keys… Please try it & let me know if it’s helpful…

you are talking about “cut time”, that is not quite what the OT is about