RND Portico plugins no longer appear on Steinberg website

Can’t find the page or links for the RND Portico plugins on the Steinberg website anymore and any previously posted links lead to an error page. The installers are still available for download, though, and the plugins can still be purchased at Sweetwater, yet there is no mention of any of this anywhere.

Yes, as I mentioned, the installers are still available for download, but the plugins CANNOT be found for purchase (except at Sweetwater) and their specific page on the Steinberg website no longer exists.

What do you think it means?

I’m not sure if you’re trying to be snarky, but I think it means they stopped selling them. What I don’t understand is why there was previously an entire post about products that will become deprecated but now nothing in regards to the discontinuation of officially licensed RND plugins.

Sorry buddy, I can’t really follow what your concern is. You wanted to buy them, and now maybe you shouldn’t? You currently own them and worry you won’t be able to use them later on down the line?

Also, what post are you referring to?

Sorry for the confusion, it’s very late where I am.

Basically, I don’t own them yet, but do think they’re interesting plugins, so I check the website every now and again to see if they’ve been updated to not use the e-licenser anymore because last thing I need is more stress.

So a few hours ago, I checked the website and couldn’t find anything related to them except the download links (identical page to the one you provided) for those who already own them, and all links to the products’ promo page on the website that have been posted on the internet don’t work anymore (links from within the forum, GS, YouTube, etc).

I thought that it was weird that if Steinberg chose to discontinue such a product, they would do so without mention it in a post similar to the following one: Steinberg Dropping Support for several products

At the same time, I also found it weird that Sweetwater would still be selling them if they had become discontinued and most likely deprecated.

Hope this clears up what my post is about.

@The_Rhythmist, indeed, the RND plug-ins have been taken down for the moment. You may know that we are still in the transition period to the new Steinberg Licensing and for certain products, we have to decide how and if a new version will be released. As with all other eLicenser-based products, you can use the software, preferably on a USB-eLicenser, beyond the discontinuation of the old license system. So, if Sweetwater offers the plug-ins, it may be a good deal after all.
BTW, dropping support for products usually happens significantly after the production and development has been stopped.


Hi Ed, thanks for info. I’m simply not willing to spend money on something that will be at the mercy of the e-licenser. So, basically you’re saying there is a possibility the plugins will NOT be released using the new Steinberg Licensing and if one buys them, one might get stuck with having to use the e-licenser with them for good. Is this correct?

Yes, this could be one potential outcome indeed.

Thanks, Ed! I appreciate the clarification.

Due to its price tag (I bought it) I wish/hope Steinberg will not give up! When my old Mac pro suddenly died I decided to be an early Mc Mini M1 adopter (working mainly with Logic, using Cubase on PC when needed only). The transition was not as painful as expected (except for Lexicon… what a shame, anyway…). Now, I would be more than happy to be able to use RND Portico again. Fingers cross. If not, it’s 200$ in the trashcan.


RND bundle is very expensive. As a user that bought them at full price I now feel fooled. I want RND and Vintage plguins to be updated by steinberg to support steinberg licensing and make them M1 native!!!


Can’t agree more! :+1: :+1: :+1:


“I want RND and Vintage plguins to be updated by steinberg to support steinberg licensing and make them M1 native!!!”

I want improve quality (oversampling) graphic analyzer on the EQ and AAX support!
Well…maybe is just expensive abandonware…


100% with you. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Steinberg, please bring it back the RND plug ins at least make them 64 bit compatible. It is not fair, I paid $$$ for this plug ins and now I can’t use them in Nuendo 12 because only accepts 64 bit plugins. So, Steinberg licensing and M1 native compatible please.

Ummm … they have been 64 from the beginning.

Steinberg licensing would be welcomed with open arms. I’m not a Mac guy, so M1 native is not so much of a concern for me. I feel your pain, though.

Steinberg, update portico plugins, we need VST3 native M1 support!!!

Steinberg please consider people has spent over 300$ for the portico bundled and it would be just fair to update it and keep it alive. to be honest if a top line product like portico is abandoned I will never buy a steinberg product anymore…