RND Portico plugins no longer appear on Steinberg website

I just noticed that Sweetwater is still listing the RND Portico bundle …

Steinberg RND Portico 5033/5043 Plug-in Bundle | Sweetwater

… very strange.

Now that I have just crossgraded my HALion 6 license to Absolute 6, the RND bundle is the only thing stuck on my USB-eLicenser. I just wish Steinberg would make an official statement about whether or not the RNDs will be ported over to Steinberg Licensing.

I feel sorry for anyone who “accidentally” purchases these at this point :face_exhaling: .

It is not looking good for the RND Portico plugins. The macOS Sonoma compatibility page lists them as incompatible with Sonoma even on Intel Macs or when using Rosetta 2.

The statement on that page that “Older products which are not listed won’t be supported, and no further updates are planned” does not rule out a compatibility update, but it does not promise one either.

It seems the situation remains as @Ed_Doll stated above - Steinberg has not committed to updating these plugins for Steinberg Licensing, Apple Silicon and now, presumably, macOS Sonoma, so it could decide to retire them and eventually discontinue support. We are nearly ten months from Ed’s statement with no further news.

Steinberg has some product releases queued up after the online store issues caused by Asknet’s bankruptcy. Maybe there is still scope for updated versions of these plugins to return to the product line next year, though I am doubtful. I would expect that the next plugins to get Steinberg Licensing support, Apple Silicon support and any necessary compatibility updates are the Basic FX Suite and Advanced FX Suite which are supplied with Steinberg audio interfaces.

All software has a usable lifetime, typically dictated by compatibility and support requirements. I have two Photoshop plugins that were expensive when I bought them but are now unsupported. One is totally unusable now, as the developer is out of business and the licensing server is offline. Both are now obsolete - a better implementation of both products is now part of the core functionality of Photoshop.

Sometimes, there is no alternative to moving on to an alternative approach, much as that sucks for those who feel forced to abandon something they still want to use and paid a lot of money for.

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Yeah, it’s an interesting situation. It’s not going to kill me if they do away with the RNDs at this point. I’ve owned them long enough that I feel like I have got my money’s worth out of them. I just feel sorry for the folks who have purchased them more recently. My USB-eLicenser for my main PC is mounted inside the case, so it will remain there for now only for the RND plugins. When I do an OS reinstall or, hopefully sooner than later, a new PC build I will not plug this USB-eLicenser back in.

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Adding my +1 for an update to the Portico Plugins. Steinberg Licensing would be great and I’m not saying no to additional quality of life upgrades like better mouse control or a scalable UI :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for raising this topic. There’re a few products still left on USB eLicenser. RND Portico Plug-Ins have a dependency on 3rd party that’s why we still need to analyze whether we can port them to Steinberg Licensing. As soon as we have some update information, I’ll let you know immediately.

Sorry for the inconvenince in the meantime.

All the best


Thank you very much for the official statement, @TimoWildenhain .


Until recently, I was shuffling my USB eLicenser between my Mac Pro 5,1 Cheesegrater (Mojave) and 2018 MBP running Monterey. The MBP has some issues I’m trying to sort but, seeing the writing on the wall, I picked up a gently used M1-Max 16". Still configuring it for Audio, but really liking things so far.

I have the hardware 5043 and I love it, and use the plugins all the time as well - I would really love to see them brought forward into the Silicon Age.

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I just upgraded to my Mac M3 and of course we all know the RND is blocked from my plugins. It’s odd that Sweetwater and Steinberg are still offering this software and yet it will not run on the new Sanoma M3 program.

This should be a major footnote on the sites that sell this software, "This product is obsolete on all M3 Mac Book Operating Systems.

I loved this plugin. It’s a shame that such a high quality plugin would be abandoned.

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