Roman numerals custom scale and placement

I am using scaled-down Roman numerals for guitar position markings. To avoid crowding in the music, is there a way I can once-and-for-all reduce the size of the Roman numerals instead of having to set them every time? There are a lot of them, and it takes up a lot of time to set the same numeral size over and over.
I also have to center each numeral over the note under it.

Yes, you need to set these up as a paragraph style and input them as such. Then you can modify the paragraph style, which will change every instance in the project.

Dan’s suggestion is what I immediately thought of, too.

Another way is to make playing techniques for each position marking. You can then access them easily using the playing technique popover. Also set the type to glyph, which will give this method the added benefit of automatically centering the markings:

Not the question you asked, but I would recommend MusAnalysis font for these. It’s slightly better-looking, especially at smaller point sizes. And the glyphs are actually ligatures, so they’re connected together.


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