Routing is definitely buggy

If I make routing changes on a in PC CB8.5 Pro about 1 in every few routing changes, I suddenly lose all sound output.

I change NOTHING - just close the job and reload it, and the sound is back.

I don’t even reboot CB, only the project.

Totally repeatable on several projects, and these are only simple projects with 6 or 8 tracks and a few plugs.

Is this already on the bug list? A search of the Issues forums for “Rout” turned up nothing…


Hi you, no this is on no buglist.

I dont think it is a cubase bug, more likely related to your asio Driver. Would you tell us something about your Setup?

hth, Ernst

Using FocusRite 18i20 which has shown no problems previously, so doesn’t seem a likely candidate. On PC Windows 10x64

Why would it be the ASIO? Surely setting up internal routing inside Cubase wont even touch the hardware?

I must say I also find a lot that I just suddenly loose output from a channel. Today I created a VCA track for a group vocal and suddenly all the channels died… Had to restart Cubase. Not the first time - Never happened on any version prior to 8.

Hi, does it also happen with Projects that do not use any plugin?

I am fully Aware that things like that are a nuissance. I vaguely remember that I had such issues on one of my former machines. Interrestingly enough I remember that with the same cubase Version back then it worked perfectly on the new machine. Unfortunately I never found out what the real issue had been.

It could be so many things… was the phenomenon there before Windows 10?

Hth Ernst

Are you using the control room?
If you are, remember in VST Connections not to have the same outputs in the Output and Studio tab.

Hmm. Well it’s not even possible to do that, so it can’t be that.

Never had ANY problem on Cubase4 on exactly the same hardware. After many years on Cubase 4 I’ve only just put Cubase 8.5 on as a trial, and several times a day, and usually when doing routing changes, the entire output of Cubase 8.5 Pro just dies, requiring a PROJECT restart, not a Cubase restart.

I sit here for a few moments wondering what did I just do wrong - nothing - its broken.

It’s broke.

I’ve tested it enough times to know by now.

Could you please list a step-by-step procedure so others can attempt to replicate your problem? Also listing the details of your PC including video card might help.

Once you have listed a step-by-step procedure it will be a bit easier to determine whether or not the issue is your PC or Cubase.

I have experienced a problem with a send, where I solo the send, then forget to unsolo, then change the send routing and the audio stops. Defeat solo doesn’t work. I have to re-start my project.

I was helping a friend get set up with Cubase and a FocusRite 18i20 and came across a similar problem. It seemed cubase had somehow lost communication with the interface box. Pulling out the power connection on the back of the focusrite and then reinserting it seemed to fix it without having to restart Cubase. Never really got to the bottom of why it was happening and don’t know if it is reoccurring. May only be his setup but might want to give it a try, could be a clue at least.


Does this interface has a Windows 10 driver ?



Did you not read my post??? :slight_smile:

It’s nothing to do with the FocusRite.

Again, simply reopening the failed project, and changing nothing, gets the sound back. The Focusrite is not failing.

Yep, definitely buggy. DEFINITELY. Certainly no point whatsoever in entertaining the thought there might be an issue with the ASIO driver that could be investigated. Or anything else. Bug CONFIRMED! :slight_smile:

So you thought you’d go for sarcasm. Hmm. How professional.

Well how about this. It just failed all sound when all I did was click on the Racks button in the top toolbar. I never even changed anything.

So I closed the project (not cubase), reopened the project, and all back working again.

I used the exact same ASIO driver for months with Cubase 4 before last week I decided to trial 8.5 without ever having one of these dropouts.

Then how come you are the only one affected?
We should at least see a few other complaints if there was a issue with routing.
So what is different between C4 and C8.5, ASIO Guard for one, try disabling that.
Are you using the control room ? I didn’t understand the previous answer sorry.

I was just having a bit of fun because you seem to be asking for help yet if anyone suggests anything you say “No can’t be that it’s a Cubase bug!”.

You haven’t answered the question of if this issue has only started since installing Windows 10? When you had Cubase 4, was this also on Windows 10?

Peakaes suggestion of disabling ASIO guard seems like a good one.

There is a simple way to test if it is the asio driver. Instead of rebooting the project, change the buffer setting of your audio device. If that brings back audio it is failed communication with the asio driver. Can still be a cubase bug then, but also an asio driver bug even if it was working correctly before.

Actually for sake of accuracy, this is possible. There is a preference that governs whether outputs are exclusive or not.
Regardless…this doesn’t help your issue I’m afraid.

There is a known bug that cuts audio but seems to be linked to the use of VCA groups. I’m guessing that’s not the case here?

I’ll try that next time thanks.

And to answer the other question, I was running Cubase 4 32/64 on Windows 7 and 10 x64 without any issues of this type for a long time.

The issue has only arisen in the last 3 weeks with Cubase 8.5Pro x64. And it arises regularly.

I’m not a Cubase basher either. I like the prog a lot. But it is disconcerting to say the least when you lose all sound sometimes by simply clicking the Racks button at the top of the screen, and before you even make any selections or changes.

I’ll keep an eye on it.



Check this thread.

Same thing is happening to a lot of people. Messing with routing, automation, and as now suggested—changing ASIO frequency—all gets it working.

The fix I use (suggested by someone on that thread) is to open the project in C8, play it for a moment, don’t save, and then reopen in C8.5 and everything works as normal.

The only tracks it’s not doing it to are ones I created in C8.5. Any older tracks (opened from an earlier project) are mute until I apply the fix.

It’s a bug, problem is it’s hard to pinpoint. But it is happening to a good amount of people.

Thanks for that.