Routing through control room not saved

Routing editor configuration through plugins that are setup in control room do not save upon closing and reopening nuendo. So for example if I have set an overall EQ assigned to Stereo and another to the Stereo LSRS, it won’t keep the routing to Surrounds and will re-route back to default when Nuendo reloads.

Work around is to make a preset in the control room setting and reload it before starting on a project.

Yes. This sucks.

Not a single comment from any SB connected ones?
Yhis sucks and should be fixed ASAP

i’m really hoping this is fixed in 12 - I have each of my speakers configured with an eq insert and with my 7.1.4 control room setup, the inserts in the bottom half of the control room window always reset back to default (to the first mono output which is front left). The only way around for me is to manually re-route each insert every time I load a project. This doesn’t happen with the inserts in the top half which seem to remember their routing. I have to use the lower ‘global’ inserts as I’ve run out of slots…

Just for the sake of completeness: The plug-ins’ routing routing within ordinary multichannel tracks is plagued by a similar issue:

Post-fader plug-in's routing gets lost in multi-channel tracks - #44 by Dietz

My work around is to save my control room configurations and then load them before starting my work.

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I just downloaded the latest version ( Nuendo 12 ) and the problem still exists. You still can’t save the channel routing in the insert of the monitor section. Please please fix it as soon as possible. I have four delays for my ceiling speakers and I have to re-enter the routine after each start. LG Andi

I have run such setups for years without a problem.
This must be an issue from either:

  • corrupt control room pref
  • or something crashes each time Nuendo is closed, and thus the config is not saved.

It has been an issue for years that Nuendo do not save pref files before a clean shutdown. And sometimes a dirty shutdown is not visible in any other form than the settings you just made is lost.

I would try to make a backup af your N12 prefs, then start N12 with clean prefs, make the routing and plugin settings for your test. Close N12 then reload the project.

I have no problems with this, and surround channel routing and control room settings for plugs stick perfectly.