Ruler Bar Zoom not working correct

Since Update from Cubase 12 Pro to 13 Pro the ruler bar zoom function is not working properly.
With the mouse I go to the ruler bar on the position were the 4 direction cross is apearing. Then holding left mouse and going up or down to zoom in and out is completely delayed. Also holding the mouse steady generates vibration to all tracks somethimes. And sometimes I need to move a wider distance until the zoom function is happening when doing this I have big in or out steps, these steps are too big small fine zooming is not possible.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

It works on my system. Could you provide your basi system specification, plus the graphic card and screen resolution, please?

I have a Win11 Pro System.
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
64.0 GB RAM
Asus GeForce RTX 3080
Screens I have 2x 4k (3840x2160) via Display Port

Hello - was curious reading your post, as I’ve recently read someone on another forum say they see this sort of click-drag ‘lagging’ when using the Send level slider bars (mixconsole or inspector - Windows PC)

I’m just wondering if that is also true for you too.? If so, maybe indicates a UI problem with not just Ruler Bar Zoom mechanism…

But seeing Martin’s response above, this could be due to some other very specific system setting/conflict…

Dear Puma, I have none of the decribed click-drag lagging problems. Just the bar for zooming. All other functions etc. are working fast and reliable.
For me it is a bug / issue with in the software of 13 Pro.

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Ok - noted. Thank you for your further info @Alain82

Just reading that someone else on the forums here has experienced your issue and what I was describing too…
Cubase 13 mouse responsivness - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I have the same laggin issue on the ruler bar zoom.
Windows 10, Ryzen 9, Nvidia graphics.

Yep on my side also lagging.
Win 11.

Check solution provided in Cubase 13 mouse responsivness
hope it helps

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Dear Jura, nope that was not working! Still having the ruler bar zoom issue.

Same issue for me (Windows 10, Latest Cubase 13 patch). There is a delay before zooming occurs with the left mouse drag from the ruler bar. Very annoying and definitely different from Cubase 12.

Same here. Was not an issue on Cubase 12 or any version prior. Any updates on this matter would be much appreciated.

Yes, yes, yes! The lag is awful! I have installed Cubase 13 on multiple systems, PC and Mac, and this lagging issue is consistent on all of them. I’m not sure the people who are saying it’s not a problem are referring to the same thing. It’s definitely a problem.

Furthermore, the ruler bar zoom has been faulty since version 8. Prior to that it was smooth, responsive and beautiful to use. It used to be one of my favourite features of Cubase, but now I rarely use it because it has been so messed up.

I made this video years ago begging Steinberg to solve it. Since then it has only got worse, and now with the lagging it is completely unusable:

This solved my issue, thank you!

I noticed the lag in Cubase 12. I had to move the cross up to zoom out after which moving it down resulted in zooming in. Perhaps this is what comments here mean by lag - a glitch that to zoom in first requires zooming out by moving up before zooming in by moving down. I didn’t notice any other glitches or lags. Once i got used to it it was tolerable. However, I recently updated to Cubase 13 and zooming with the cross cursor in the Ruler Bar stopped working completely. The cross in the time scale simply would not zoom at all, neither in nor out.

Here’s how I fixed it:

I opened settings and under Editing>Zoom one item is “Zoom while Locating in Time Scale.” It was deselected. I selected it and now zooming with the cross cursor in the time scale works just as it did in Cubase 12. I still have to zoom slightly up to get it to zoom down.

FYI, I am using a MacBook pro 14" M1 Max with 64GB and Sonoma 14.4.1.

I hope this helps some of you!