Runtime Error

Hi all,

Ive updated to C6 about a month ago and these last couple of days I’ve been getting this runtime error:

cubase 6 microsoft visual C++ runtime error C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Cubase 6.exe

the instruction at “0x10005d42” referenced memory at “0x00001000”. the memory could not be “written”

This is my second project on C6 - did not have any problems with my first…so can’t really say that this is a 32bit/64bit issue. Yes,i am running on XP - anyone got a clue ?..could it be that some vst is crashing this?


Cont…could this be coming from Camel Phat coz if i remember well this started happening a while after i inserted Camel Phat into the project.

Best way to find the source is to disable VST’s one by one until it’s not crashing.


This is a lack of memory issue.
32 bit environment is not enough to run Cubase 6 for some users(even with the 3 GB switch and OS optimizations)so you need to move to 64.
In my personal case i was having this “run time error” all the time since the Cubase 6 update with different plugs and/or VSTi until i switched to 64 and upgraded from 4 to 8 GB ram and now everything runs perfect.

+1 sums it up…

Thanks guys for your replies.

I have decided that its time to make the switch to Windows 7 and trash my beloved Xp after 10 years :frowning:

Don’t even want to think about the reinstallation of all the stuff ! But i guess it needs to be done.

One thing: Do you think some old VST’s like Waves and Korg will have issues on 64 bit ? Will they even work ?
That was always my worry on making the switch.



I don’t know about Waves, but my Korg Legacy Analog and Digital Collections work ok here using jBridge, only customised presets (in .vstpreset format) can’t be saved. However, the presets are saved within any given project and load fine.

I have the same problem with my cherished WizooVerb2… :frowning: .



Same here.

I started getting the same thing several months ago. I contacted Steinberg about the “Runtime” errors, and part of their response was:
You are using a 32-Bit operating system. In this case Cubase can address max. little bit less than 2 GB RAM!!! Reaching this limit can cause applications to crash unfortunately.

64 bit runs fine.

I don’t use Waves but I remember seeing quite a lot about this - something about the Waves Shell not yet being 64-bit or even planned to be. I’d check this side out very carefully if I were you.

Edit: see here?

Waves and Korg works fine.Just be sure to have latest updates.
The only thing that won´t work is offline processing (32 bit plugs) on Cubase 64 which is what i have noticed so far.

Hi guys…glad to see this thread picking up as i thought i was the only one with this problem.

That Jbridge thing is a big heads up - Thank you! …that has definitely put my mind at ease coz for some reason i had never heard about it before…Will surely buy that!

Did you make the change to windows 7 ? How did that go ?

Don’t want to sound stupid but what is “offline processing” ? :slight_smile:

To those making the switch to Win7, you might want to check out the free program from MS. It’s called: ‘Windows Easy Transfer for Win7’. What it does is build a complete C drive folder that you can then transfer to your finished Win7 install. No, I have not consumated the deal but I have done the storage transfer. It takes about 30 minutes or so.

Honestly, I didn’t know that when I was using C6 I was only using 2G of memory with XP. Really?