RX 7 connect does NOT work

Just upgraded to RX 7 post suite and guess what does not work anymore.
You are right it is RX connect with the Nuendo DOP.

You’ll need to be more specific as it is working here.

It does not capture the audio into Rx7 here.
The status indicator in dop keeps on spinning for ages.

Works fine here.

Working fine for me too. I will say it does seem to take a bit longer then RX6 did to transfer, on long files it can spin for a bit.


I am so fed up with this.

I am still campaigning for them to bring back the old fashion Process Plugin and also offer DOP as two different functions. I think this would allow for full functionality.

I’m sure it is much harder to code than I think. However, this is something that would keep a lot of people moving forward with N8 instead of reverting back to N7.

I have received a mail from iZotope support. They will look into it.


Works on Mac, though it is flaky. If you have “auto apply” on, you just have to click your hot key (if you use one) once and NOT hit ENTER. Same on the round trip back. But, I often find in N7 and N8 that sometimes after you “send back” in RX and “apply” it in Nuendo, it round trips back to RX with the raw audio again. Haven’t figured out exactly why because it’s different every time. Maybe I’m not crossing my toes.

Well, since it’s an offically bugbased problem in RX 7 now I guess we’ll have to wait a while for it wo be fixed again.
In the meantime I transfer to RX 6 advanced, copy and paste to rx7 adv, do my work, copy and paste back to rx 6 and then back to Nuendo. :confused:

It’s 2018 and I can’t see why I cannot just use drag and drop or double click to use external stuff like rx.

On my recent project for Amazon Prime I must have used RX a couple of hundred times…thank god RX6 still works…

Izotope has not implemented the VST specifications correctly.
That is the main reason why the problems remain with “RX Connect”.
So until Izotope doesn’t fix that fundamental problem, we will never be able to send and send back with a (one) simple Key Command.
The way it should work.


It was working okay for me with the latest 8.2 and 6 advanced

Just tested this and it works fine here.

Hit KC: RX7 Connect
===> DOP Opens
Hit “Apply”
===> Audio is send to Rx 7 Editor
Hit “Send Back” in Rx7
Hit “Apply” in DOP.

It becomes problematic when you have AutoApply “on”, because that’s where RX goes “illegal” in the vST3 spec.
This can only be solved by Izotope.

Even easier when you add “RX7 Connect” to your DOP favorites. (A favorite always applies the chosen process/preset/value directly)

Hit “RX7 Connect” in DOP Favorite
===> Audio is send to Rx 7 Editor
Hit “Send Back” in Rx7
Hit “Apply” in DOP.


Well, it does not work on my machine and it does not work on iZotope’s service machine otherwise they would not have bugbased it?

Knowledgebase specifically says to disable Auto Apply.


It’s a Mac only bug

RX7 Connect is working here in N8.2 & 8.3, but it is much much slower to send and apply than RX6 Adv was which is frustrating, and a lot of patience required watching the little spinning wheel.

Same think here… Send and send back to Rx 7 is really really really long compare to Rx5.
Someone send this problem to izotope ?

And that’s why I have finally ordered my PT Ultimate reinstatement plan today.
I unexpectedly have a couple of weeks to learn.
Tbh, I don’t care why things don’t work here, the only thing I see is that Steinberg obviously does not offer solutions for my problems while I get more game audio buzzword releases, which I don’t need.