Sample management logic like Ableton live, and drum rack

I usually use cubase a lot, but Ableton live’s sampling management logic is a little bit better, especially when it comes to making sample-based music. For example, after opening a folder, another folder of the same level will be automatically folded, and when searching for a sample keyword, it will preferentially display its parent folder, if there are multiple folders containing this keyword, it will be displayed side-by side, and then the user will freely choose which folder to open to listen to the sample, which makes the directory very clear.
There is also drum rack in live, which can directly drag samples into the pad of notes, organize samples by pad, and conveniently add effects into it. These functions are very convenient, and I hope they can be added to cubase in the future.

A very similar request was already discussed here.

Thanks for your reply, but acually what I need is for both features(Folder Manager and drum rack) to be integrated into cubase together.

Cubase comes with Groove Agent SE included. It does exactly what you ask for, it has sample drag&drop, build-in mixer, per-pad effects, sample slicing (like Cubase sampler track or Ableton simpler), one-shot or ADSR, pattern player, etc… of course it lets you save drum kit like in Ableton (also as “Export with samples”).

Thanks!But as far as I know, the pad in the groove agent SE doesn’t work with third-party effects, which is very inconvenient.

Yeah that’s one thing I also like with the Ableton drum rack, because it automatically exposes each used drum pad inside an expandable group to the daw’s main mixer. Drum rack kit is saved together with insert fxs on each channel.
In Groove Agent this is possible too, but the pads need to be routed to the Cubase mixer first manually.

Here’s a interesting post showing that (just if you didn’t already know):