Sampler Track in Cubase 9

Checking out Sampler Track in the new Cubase 9 tonight. This has potential if it can work like I work. I need to know if it can without having to RTFM :wink:

Rather than explain my experience with this new feature so far, let me just ask you all this: can sampler track work like Recycle? I.e., can I drag a drum track to it and have all the hits automated to keys on my MIDI keyboard with a few clicks? If it can do that, I’m gonna bet very happy. Please tell me the process if it can. If it can’t what is the easiest way to do a Recycle operation in Cubase?


Great question altho i dont use recycle i am a reason owner… to add to his question i have extenal hardware mpc 2500 which is conected via midi a long stduio and nektar p6. Would i be able to create banks or chop and arrange on my pads

It’ can’t but Groove Agent 4 SE does this really well. You can even slice a loop directly inside GA4SE.

I also want a slicing option in the sampler track, but like zyguli said, for now you need to use the free Groove Agent.

Thanks guys. If Sampler Track could instantly create a mapped program like Recycle can, WOW, that would put Cubase on a completely new level.

That’s why so many of us have requested this feature… I can’t wait to dig into it.

It would have been better if they had improved Groove Agent (which is already excellent). The sampler track is a toy. It’s worthless for me. I need professional, precision tools.

Then use any 3rd party sampler tool that you prefer. This is built into Cubase for integration and workflow ease, no more missing plugins, missing samples because a plugin referred to a sample outside your project folder.

I am I missing something, The included groove agent SE 4 already does this really easily and quickly. Why are we asking for features that we already have in Cubase?

Groove Agent SE4 is all I need. I don’t think people realize this can be used for anything, not just percussion. I feel like a lot of you guys opened it once and never used it again. There was no need for a sampler track.

Exactly, Thank you. The sampler track is for people too stupid to use Groove Agent.

I know you can use Groove Agent for slicing. I can also just use Kontakt, DirectWave, Slicex or whatever other sampler instead of the sampler track. What was your point again?

The sampler track is there for those who like that kind of workflow.

I love it, it is not ment to be a full blown sampler.
It is for quick mapping a sound to the keyboard.
Really useful for backing vocals, to try out different timing and harmony.
A great creative tool imho

Kontakt, DirectWave, Slicex or whatever other sampler don´t come free with Cubase though do they, groove agent SE does.

We want a simple sampler then complain that it´s too simple.

Now my point as you so rudely put it, is that I would rather Steinberg not spend time adding a feature that is already implemented .

Now they’ve decided to make a sampler channel, it might as well have the core functions that make people use it so the time spent developing is worth it.

I put it rudely to Minimalist in response to him saying the sampler track is “for people too stupid to use Groove Agent.”

Can anyone tell me how i can do this: I want the sample to glide legato style one note to another without restarding. I’m clicking “m” mono, glide on. Notes glide but when i push second key the sample restarts at the beginning.

This ^

Also, portamento would be good!

if you enable the audiowarp, there is a legato button.
(i cant remember for sure if the glide can set the time the legato takes to jump to the new note though)

Thanks i since then got GA4 and it’s really great (not just for drums!). I just wish the gui was bigger, so many tiny things to push.

Is there some kind of restriction when one can use “solo” mode in audiowarp? I have this section from long acapella. Now if i turn it to “music” it works and trigger from my keyboard, all good but when i turn on “solo” then no sound. Envelopes is being triggeres, i can see dot moving on them and all but no sound is coming out of the sampler track? just great as i need “solo” ie. better quality audiowarp for acapella…