Sampler track - Select Previous/Next sample (Sketch included)

I hope it is possible :sweat_smile:
Also, it can be available to assighn in KC

P.s. Yes, there will be a problem, when sample taken from mediabay with Deep Results (include Folders and Subfolders) is activated.

Probably, it should not be linked to the results of the list in mediabay, but to the folder where this sample is located


Yes. Pls make it possible

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I stopped hoping that some of those workflow enhancements will be ever done in browsing-replacing samples department and some integration of mediabay to containers where you can drag and drop samples.
Actually it went one step backwards from 10.5.20 onward. Prior you were able to change samples easily with keyboard and worked fast.
Here: Nice trick while browsing and replacing sounds through mediabay on sampler track or groove agent

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oh. i remember that trick! :smiley:
Does it still work in C11 ?

Unfortunately not :frowning: