Santa has come early... 13.0.20

Its that time folks, Time to fire up the old Download Assistant… Not seen the release notes as yet but i or someelse will post.

Happy Xmas…



Grabbing it now. Thanks for notice.

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Happy XMAS<3


Updated just now.

Nice that the issue with the dial turn rate has now been fixed. which sorts compatibility issue with Mobo One and presumably other control surfaces.

Lots of items listed as fixed, optimized. I look forward to hearing how they work in practice, maybe this is the version of C13 I purchase.

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Yeah, maybe me too…

And yes, good looking ‘fix-list’ from the team; nice to see, lots of areas covered.

Though, still going to wait to read more feedback and/or see some screenshots first - I’m sure folk will post more soon enough… :slightly_smiling_face:

For example, would love to see what this means in practice…

  • Track name font color

The track name font color for the selected track is inverted (to black), when the Selection Brightness setting in the Preferences dialog exceeds a certain threshold.

The time warp markers can be written again :slight_smile:
The Videos import problem seems to be resolved too :slight_smile:

Not completely sure (because I did not keep track of the changes I made) but I have the feeling that the color settings of tracks as well as the color palette (I use an edited color paeltte) are not kept from projects last edited with the previous version of Cubase 13.

But why haven’t they fixed the fact that the colors don’t change by themselves??? Please, this is really crazy…

Also, every time Cubase is updated, I have to rename most of my plugins…Thanks Steinberg for listening, ALWAYS!

But of course, Thanks for fixing certain things…at least.

Appearance looks same to me, though I haven’t gone in to try and make any changes yet. But track names will now apparently go dark when a brightness threshold is reached.

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Tap tempo now allows it to display detected tempo without actually changing tempo. Good, that’s better.

Hmm… how/where is this detail displayed please.? (no C13 yet, so not familiar with UI…)

Console mixers now behave as expected when loading C11/12 projects.
This should have been C13.0.00.



You set it to display only, then hit the tap button a few times and let go. The detected tempo is displayed where the actual tempo is shown. The detected tempo stays on for a few seconds then reverts to actual song tempo (when set to display only).

is to rename plugins in embeds. For example, I want when I load the FF Pro Q, it shows “PRO Q3” instead of “Fab Filter Pro Q3” is an XML file that there. It is tedious and boring. Many users have been asking for it several times, in the forums they call it “alias”.
P.S. It has nothing to do with this update (or with any) but it is very annoying that you have to do it every time you update Cubase (it doesn’t work even if you have a copy)

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Nor has it been corrected that the presets in the menus take several seconds to load…one feels so frustrated sometimes…well, let’s continue!

Ah.! Ok, thanks for that… interesting.

So essentially, seems its still just the same ol’ Tap Tempo tool, analysing (and displaying) the results of your ‘tapping’ rhythm as a bpm, minus the Beat Calculator functions.

Beat Calculator, automatically calculates an exact tempo for a given/selected range of audio, after entering number of beats.

(And in case anyone’s wondering, using the ‘Tempo Detection’ panel, I never found to be as accurate or reliable).

Further use cases and more background in this (locked) thread…
[SOLVED] Beat Calculator Gone? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums