Save 40% on Nuendo 11 Retail, Crossgrades and Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder

Dear all,

until June 21, 2021 we are offering a 40% discount on Nuendo 11 full version and on the crossgrades from Cubase and other DAWs.

If you are here to learn about the intuitive and comprehensive Nuendo workflow and haven’t decided yet to jump aboard; or if you are considering equipping one (or more) extra workstations with our flagship DAW, this is your chance to save 40% on your new Nuendo license.

Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder is also participating in this promotion. Create your own HRTF profile and experience the clearest immersive monitoring for headphones!

More information can be found here: Save 40% on Nuendo 11, Crossgrades and Immerse | Steinberg | Steinberg

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dear sir i own 2 cubase version 10.5 and version 9 and i did purchased Nuendo 11 Crossgrade .
i wanted to keep cubase 10.5 and use version 9 as crossgrade with Nuendo 11 … but its appeared automatically they used my Cubase 10.5 .
how can i keep cubase 10.5 and crossgarde cubase 9
help PLZ

Hi Sameralkhan,

Please contact the support team. They should be able to help you.

All the best

thank you

I am interested in this offer for the Crossgrade. I own Pro Tools 2019-12 and Cubase 11. I want to keep my Cubase 11 license. Is it possible to do this?

Hey garymusic,

Those are two different products at two different prices: You can either crossgrade from Cubase for a lower price but give up your license, or crossgrade from Pro Tools for a slightly higher price but keep all your licenses.
The good thing is, you get to decide :wink:

All the best

dear Mr Luis_Dongo
I would like to purchase NUENDO 11 PRO
but when i start the process i did not find KSA in the (Country *) popup window !
any solution for this ? , also i like to inform you. that i have the USB-eLicenser
i just need a downloaded version
thanks please help . i really do not want to miss this offer
stay safe

why no upgrade offer from N10. this sucks.


Well, the upgrade from N10 is only $200 here in the US, and that really isn’t that much money if you want or need the new features. And there was a discount of 20% until the end of last year.

Steinberg prices are more than fair I think, even at full price.

I have Nuendo 8. I was thinking about an upgrade to 11, but I see the 40% discount does not apply? Doesn’t it seem rather silly that CROSSgrading from a version of Cubase as old as Cubase 4 is actually cheaper than UPgrading from a much more recent version of Nuendo?

I think so…

With business down, covid all around,. I just cant afford it. I kept up with Nuendo updates for many years, but I will pass on this one. No love for exciting customers.

Why didn’t you guys buy N11 when there was a discount? It’s not like it was a secret or anything.

I’m sure there will be more sales on Nuendo upgrades.

The thing is… that second video track would have been very helpful to me the other day, but I already bought cubase pro for few reasons. Now upgrading to nuendo would be even more overkill. Cant do even when 40% off. I just dont need most of it.

Would a crossgrade from Cubase 11 Pro to Nuendo 11 erase my ability to update my 11 Pro license to Cubase 11.5 Pro?

A crossgrade replaces your Cubase license with a Nuendo one.
You will only have the Nuendo license after you crossgrade. You will be able to upgrade to Nuendo 11.5 when that comes out.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:
That’s what I feared. So no older Cubase versions either?

If things are similar now to in the past, you cannot run Cubase with a Nuendo license. You are completely dumping one for the other. I’m not a Nuendo user (yet), but I believe Nuendo will open Cubase projects. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong about that!

Cubase pro to Nuendo crossgrade - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums

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I’m testing Nuendo right now and it does open my Cubase projects. My projects are very simple however, I have not tested big projects with complex routing etc.


So it would also include the ability to open older, let’s say Cubase 6.5 32-bit projects, with the corresponding older 32-bit Nuendo version for which I assume a license and download access would also be included?