"Save As" MP3: VBR increases reported length of song by 25%

When I have a WAV file and do a File>Save As MP3, if I choose CBR the resulting file is saved with no issues. If I save it as VBR though, it adds time to the reported length of the song - like 25% longer than it actually is when viewing it from Wavelab’s file browser and also hovering over the file in Windows 7. The file itself hasn’t changed its length, just the reported amount of time which makes me look incompetent when sending MP3s to clients.

Is there a way to fix this or should I just abandon VBR and only use CBR?

You can “fix” the headers in the VBR files without re-encoding or copying with MP3Diags or Foobar 2000, to display time correctly on all readers, but it’s probably easier to just use CBR for now.


CBR it is!

Is this considered a bug in Wavelab or is this expected behavior?

Missing feature, not a bug.