Save dialogs hanging in MacOS... QT problem?

Since DP 2.2, I’ve noticed the app hangs for 6-12 seconds about halfway through opening a Save or Open dialog. Is this a known issue? A QT problem?

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It doesn’t happen for me on either of my Macs, so it can’t entirely be Qt without some other factor being involved. MacOS file dialogs can sometimes hang while slow hard drives wake and spin up. Might that be what’s happening? Does it happen in other applications, or not?

I think the issue mentioned by the OP is less likely to be related to the hard drive mechanism (whether SSD or not).
Since I use mac I always use SSD.

This issue doesn’t happen with most people, but there must be at least one trigger in front of sophisticated background facts.

You said the app hangs for these seconds. During these seconds, does your system freeze as well?

Actually, yes. The cursor disappears.

Got it. Looks like we have met exactly the same issue.

Tony, do you have any network storage? Are you using any additional software that provides cloud storage, like Dropbox, OneDrive,, or similar? Have you installed any applications that interfere with the filesystem, such as virus checkers, anti-malware software, or similar?

Hi Daniel. I use Dropbox and Backblaze. Nothing I can think of that would interfere with the filesystem. Does that lead you somewhere?

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FWIW, I have Dropbox, but don’t have any freezing.

As usual, I wouldn’t recommend following Shiki Suen’s advice. It shouldn’t be necessary to uninstall Dropbox.

Tony, could you make an Apple System Report, zip it up, and send it to me? I’ll have a quick look through to see if there’s anything that jumps out at me in terms of your installed software. Do Help > Create Diagnostic Report from Dorico as well and send me the resulting zip file from the desktop for good measure.

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In 2019, I don’t know if it’s bad forum etiquette to tag on to this topic that mentions my problem as a secondary thing or not…

It’s driving me crazy that I can’t paste into my save dialog. I’m regularly using ⌘⇧G to go to a path that I’ve copied from Alfred, but I have to right click to paste in. It’s maddening that the program just beeps at me when I hit ⌘V. I know it’s Qt’s fault, but this is still such ugly behavior. I won’t pretend that it’s easy to roll your own dialog in this instance, but…

You can read about this here. The long and the short of it is that the standard shortcuts only work in the Save dialog if appropriate global actions are set up for copy/paste: this isn’t a Qt issue but rather just how things work in macOS. In theory we’ll be able to do something about this once we are using Qt 5.12 (which we will be for our next major version) but it will still require us to register the cut/copy/paste shortcuts in a particular way, which may or may not be practical.

Just like Dorico Pro 2 was specifically optimized for macOS High Sierra when it was initially released, I am wondering which version is Dorico 3 optimized for: macOS 10.14 or 10.15? Will Dorico 3 be released after this October (around the release date of macOS 10.15)?

As we have already stated, the next major version of Dorico will run on versions of macOS from 10.12 (Sierra) upwards. Because it needs to support versions of macOS back to Sierra, it will not make use of features that are specific to Mojave or Catalina.

Thanks for your reply.

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W-w-what?! Daniel’s already said that the next major version of Dorico will run on Qt 5.12, which was initially launched (Alpha) in August 2018, so if Dorico 3 is launched some time in 2019 then that’s ONE year. Where did you get “three years for Dorico to use the new Qt release”?

We periodically update to the latest version of Qt as soon as it is practical to do so. Because it can have a reasonably large impact on our testing team, we try to avoid doing it in the middle of a maintenance cycle, but I would be very surprised if it ever took us more than a year between updating to whatever is the latest version, unless there is a compelling reason not to do so (such as the latest version dropping support for an operating system still used by a large number of users, or something along those lines).