Save the MR816 interface.

Are OK with Steinberg dropping support for the MR816 interfaces.

  • Are you OK with that Steinberg wastes you money and forces you to buy a new (inferior) interface?
  • No, I demand that Steinberg update the drives, so that I can continue using the excellent MR816 interface?

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Steinberg has decided to give it’s MR816 users the finger, and dropped support for it!

Dear Steinberg …Just an idea. How about not f…king over the people that invested in your products.

I dunno. I’ve been disappointed in the past in how they’ve dealt with hardware. But also I’ve been surprised when they, out of nowhere, updated drivers for Midex 8 and Houston. I really love the MR816 units. Hope they continue to work for a long time.

Yes, that is outrageous. Steinbergs still supports the Houston (a piece of hardware that is so old, I guess few people even know what it even is these days), but are giving their MR816 users the finger.

If Steinberg believes that behaving this way will force the MR816 users to buy new hardware (audio-interfaces), I guess they’re right. But it won’t be any Steinberg products!!! I, for one, will not trust Steinberg, with regard to hardware, any more.

Well, If you want to upgrade to Catalina, Steinberg has made sure they have already stopped working!

The voting questions made me laugh :smiley:

It sucks support is being dropped, but as a veteran of Steiny hardware, am not in the least bit surprised. Like many other manufacturers, in a similar price bracket and shelf life, it’s bye bye. Still works perfectly as an adat slave, plugged into HE interface. Still loving those pres. Mine is set and forget and I expect it’ll be around for a few years to come.

It would be great if Steinberg would take it seriously.

Well, Steinberg has had a good reputation about supporting their hardware. They still support the Huston. A piece of hardware, so old, that I guess few remember what it is anymore.

I guess that’s a reputation lost now. I will never trust Steinberg when it comes to hardware again!

I don’t think so. Steinberg has already made sure that it’s DEAD. At least as soon as you upgrade to Catalina or any newer OS version.

Also beware of the v1.7.9 driver update. It kills it immediately (even under Mojave)!

1.7.9 has proved an issue for some, including me. I uninstalled it on our macs and reverted back to 1.7.8 which is working fine. Due to requiring all software to be compatible with our hardware, we’re never on the most up to date OS on either mac or PC.

Re the MR816, we’ve had tons more than our monies worth out of it and as long as we have a Mac around with 1.7.8 on it, we’ll keep using them. PC isn’t an issue, as no problems found with latest driver.

The one thing I do whole heartedly agree with, considering the quality and fanbase of the hardware, is that it’s disappointing to see driver development dropped. Until the day both Microsoft and Apple stop support for the Firewire protocol, Steinberg/Yamaha should continue on. If nothing else to help regain the confidence of users that they are in it for the long run, taking a leaf out of the RME playbook.

I have an mr816 that just found out doesn’t work under Catalina.

Well, I’m glad I guess to give Presonus my money for their interfaces.

Now what the fk do I do with the mr816? and possibly my Steinberg licenses for that matter?

It’s called SUPPORT Steinberg. SUPPORT.

Neither the MR816 NOR the UR22 is working for me after installing Catalina. I would use them with an older OS, but everything else is working fine, and I like Catalina. No vsts are a problem, but BOTH of these interfaces are sitting silent at this point.

Truly a ridiculous situation. Steinberg needs to give a credible explanation for what’s going on, and if they have to throw Apple under the bus, then that’s one thing, but there better be an explanation for why a thousand bucks of gear is now not functioning.

I bought Cubase Pro a year ago (more or less), after that, I bought Halion 6 and Padshop Pro.
Today, I was thinking about buying an audio interface from steinberg to use with my iPad Pro, update Cubase to 10.5, buy cubasis 3 (already own cubasis 2) and buy more software, but then, I read about Steinberg’s intention of dropping support for the MR816, and I changed my mind.
So, I will wait for the final decision from Sternberg before I buy anything else from them.