Saving Plugin presets not working

Cubase 12.
Searched the forum - could not find a solution.
When I modify a preset of a Cubase plugin (any plugin) it will not save.
Clicking save does not respond, can only cancel.

Wow, a Cubase issue that has no solution?

Just tested this again with a bundled Cubase plug-in (VST Bass Amp - VST3) and it works as expected, here : using the Save preset… option in the drop down menu, on the right of the presets name display, I am able to save an edited one. I can then retrieve it without issue in the Load preset… list, despite having been saved in an user location.

The only problem I have with the presets management of VST3 plug-ins is that there is no visual indication that a given preset has been edited. From which, if you select another preset, the edits done are lost if you haven’t thought of saving them beforehand.

So, more precisions about your issue is needed…

Seems I am doing what you are doing:
Click on dropdown at top right, choose Save preset.
I give the preset a name, click save but no response.
I believe the expected behaviour would be the window will close after saving.

Here, the Save <plug-in> Preset window is closing as expected, once the name typed and clicking OK. I suspect that something went fishy in your Cubase preferences files. Could you try this again in ‘safe start’ mode ?

If you are on Mac, sometimes you need to add presets folder manually. It’s work for me

Yes, on a Mac.
Where is location the folder is to be created?

So, as a test I loaded VST Bass amp. Went to load a Cubase preset from the top dropdown - empty.

I still think that there is a problem with, either your Cubase installation or its preferences files : the presets list shouldn’t be empty (eventually, try a rescan in MediaBay) : here, I have at least 50 factory presets for the VST Bass Amp plug-in.

This said, I’m using Cubase with a Windows 10 based system, so I’m unable to help if a specific OSX issue is involved…

I need to click “Include folders and subfolders” icon to see the presets.
Still doesn’t save though.


Still cannot save presets.

Related to using Rosetta. Working in native mode.
Still would love a solution.