Scan Music Sheet feature in Dorico

I am considering to get a Music Scanning software to help me with practicing peaces of music for my lessons. There are a few good ones but i am not really happy with the usability.

Does Sternberg consider, or already have plans, to add such a feature into Dorico ?

If they were going to supply one with Dorico they’d have to use one of the scan programs already on the market. So if you don’t like any of those, what would be the point? Surely you don’t expect them to to write their own.

Read this: Optical Music Recognition in Dorico?

The engine for recognition from a scanned music sheet or from a pdf is one thing, but the user interface and lots of features you don’t need when working with Dorico is another thing. I just think it would be great feature to have such an engine inside Dorico which would fit in the Write Mode in my opinion. This would also help less experienced people or students to get into working with a notation software.

But i know this would not be easy stuff to do, so in the meantime i have to, as you say, get familiar with an existing one on the market.

Thanks for this. This is definitely a good start to try out some for myself.