Score and parts to one pdf file

Apologies it this has been asked already, I have searched through the manual and forum, perhaps I am being unobservant, but I can’t find out how to export both score and parts to one pdf as in Sibelius, is this possible, and if so how ?

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If it’s not, there should be many ways of combining PDF documents together outside of Dorico.

It is super convenient to be able to export a whole set of parts in one pdf file, it’s one of my favorite things about doing parts in Sibelius (I don’t know if Finale does that or not).

This isn’t possible in Dorico at the moment, but it is something that I have made a note of for us to look at doing in future.

Thanks Daniel. In the meantime I went here it was easy to do, so not a big thing. I am still loving this app - the more I use it, the more I would never go back. Beautiful engraving, intuitive interface. It’s just a pleasure to use.



Also, if one prints to a Pdf printer driver, such as PdfFactory (or some zillion freeware alternatives) this happens automatically… :slight_smile:

A local solution for combining multiple PDFs on macOS would be using the built-in There you can create a workflow that combines these Dorico-exported PDFs automatically.

On macOS just use built in Preview Application. Drag all PDFs you want into its sidebar to combine or sort. Nothing easier than that.

A big orchestral file has taken an hour of preview sidebar dragging.
I’d love Dorico to output into a single file.

Printing a small symphonic score, 30 pages plus 33 separate parts took 15 seconds printing to PdfFactory as a single file…

Steve, I don’t really understand: You already have one big file, or do you have all seperate parts?
In the second case, just select all in Previews sidebar and „print“ into a new PDF, that’s it.

k_b, I’ve done this a lot. The problem is in getting the parts in the right order in Preview. After every place move, preview goes to the top of the top document. With sixty parts this takes ages and has to be triple-checked as it’s so easy to make a mistake. So I’d love if Dorico would print them to one pdf in score order. I think this is a reasonable function.

Name your files using a prefix number (e.g., 000 - filename0, 001- filename1, etc.) then in Finder sort them based on file name. Then select all the files and open them in preview (right click - open in Preview), they will be in the same sort order as in the Finder. So just setup your Dorico filenames appropriately and you won’t ever have to drag files around in preview again.

Dbudde, I wish this worked consistently but it doesn’t, especially if different parts are different file sizes.

Really? Because I’ve never had a problem with it.

Parts into one pdf file please. Is it there yet?

If people print all scores and parts together, don’t they end up with one part starting on the back page of the preceding part? Or does Sibelius add a blank to the final right-hand page?
Do people not print parts as booklets, each of which would need imposing?

And presumably if parts and score are different page sizes, you can’t send them as one job?

Just wondering what the workflow is where this is needed.

But I also concur that you can automatically get MacOS to do this for you.

For what’s it’s worth, in Sibelius I like exporting all parts as a single pdf; printing them all single-sided for masters; then taking the masters and photocopying them into booklets. Maybe it wastes some paper that way, making master copies, but then you don’t have to worry about one part starting on the back page of the preceding part. And you have master copies in case of an emergency.

I save the score into a separate pdf, then I don’t have to worry about different paper sizes for score and parts.

When printing music, which you will have carefully engraved, I would definitely use the pdf file as a master for a booklet.
Doing part of it analogue via photocopying does degrade the quality of your final product. Can you
not check the pdf by displaying it double-sided on your monitor?

Also, a good PDF program will let one insert blank pages where necessary to make the L/R orientation correct.