Score mode is unusable

I can’t use score at all. I can’t work out what’s happening. I usually update Cubase (20 year user) but this time installed the update version of Pro 9 (1.9GB) on a fresh Windows 10 audio build. I have Wavelab, Studio One and Audacity installed. Most of my plugins are Steinberg. All I get in the score is little sticks and the ties are missing. I can’t see key signatures. It looks like a font failure. I don’t see other reports of this - is everyone score working? Is it a setting? I can get the stems but what sort of setting hides rests?

Is this a drum track?

It looks like a Note Info settings wrongly set, or a font problem, a settings prob or corrupt prefs.

  1. Make sure Note Info for those notes is not set to a blank note head
  2. I would try going to Score Settings>Project>Font Settings and re-select the font and hitting Apply, or
  3. Start Cubase with prefs hidden (change name of %AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64), or
  4. Reinstall to get the fonts stored properly

Check your Windows display text size is 125%. I had a similar problem with Adobe Premiere and setting the size to 125% fixed it.

No luck after those suggestions, thanks anyway.


  • Fully uninstall Pro 9
  • Re-install previous version/edition you upgraded from (make sure it is the FULL version, not an update/upgrade - you should be able to access at least a full C-Pro 8 via your MySteinberg account; see here:-
  • Check all is ok
  • Now try the upgrade to Pro 9…?

Just an idea… HTH

Make sure Steinberg fonts are correctly installed in your system.

How would you do that? It’s been reinstalled once. I don’t have that much spare SSD and I’d prefer to not install vs 8 at all.

…chck if the fonts are OK in another application?

Did an install of Cubase 8.5 on another PC. Fonts are installed into /Programs/Steinberg/Cubase version/Fonts. I would be very surprised if these fonts don’t exist on my studio PC, especially after a re-installation. I will know later today. I wonder why they are not installed into Windows? Copyright?

Have you checked this in an empty project created from scratch?

Yes. And this was with a new AppData folder. The font looks corrupt, but I am starting to think that it’s something else. I will replace the fonts with the ones I just installed and see what happens.

The fault is not with Cubase. A fresh install of Pro 9.0 (upgrade version) on W10, has no issues. I thought this likely when I saw so few score issues posted on the forum. However, Steinberg added my bug report to Miscellaneous - so I feel compelled to keep track of what happens next. Using True-Image, I will make incremental backups of my C drive, between installations. The scenario is:

  1. I install all my programs and plug-ins and score is fine
  2. One of the installs destroys the score function in Cubase 9.0.10

I don’t have a huge amount of software. I’m wondering how many Windows programs install fonts.

Interesting. To me anyway! Thanks.

Just uninstall all, download the full Cubase 9 installer and install that.
It should be in your MySteinberg download tab.

Thanks. But I don’t know why you think that would make a difference.I already said that I installed the update version (which is 1.7 GB) on a fresh install of W10 and the score works. So I’m guessing the score was working, until an installation or a plug-in affected it. The fonts are installed into the program folder. I can’t see them missing from any installation. However, I will certainly give it a try. Thanks again.

It really looks like missing fonts. Here’s my Cubase fonts folder, zipped. (306 KB)

In addition to placing the fonts provided by SteveInChicago in the right place, maybe you could also execute this reg file.
It comes from Steinberg, intended to resolve potential font problems in the Score. (341 Bytes)

:nerd: I’m curious to know if that reg file is valid for Cubase 9- the fonts on that same page ( aren’t the ones used nowadays. I don’t see them in “C:\Windows\Fonts”

The Cubase fonts reside in the Cubase install dir, e.g., “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\Fonts”

One more thing- to the OP if you have older Cubase installs, hide their %Appdata% folders, Cubase might be populating an error in one of them to the C9 folder.

I don’t know if Cubase looks in both folders for its core fonts.
Here my Steinberg fonts are in both locations. And maybe that’s what the OP should try at this stage.