Score position switching views

I’m choosing a playback position in page view, switch to galley view and back to page view and I get 3 different views/positions of my page.
How is it possible that your page stays at the same position when switching between page and galley view please?
So how can I keep the displayed part of my page no matter in which view I am?

Is there any way to go back to the position where I left page view to galley view, when going back to page view?
Same problem from Master Page changes back to Engrave or Write Mode. Dorico always jumps to the first page of the score. If you have a score with lots of measures and or pages, that’s a bit disturbing.

Get in the habit of ensuring that something’s selected (preferably a note) before you switch view/mode, then hit P twice: once to start playback (which will put the playhead on screen) and once to stop playback before it’s actually started making a noise.

That’s how I’m doing it at the moment, but I was wondering if there isn’t any other solution. Sometimes you are in a workflow, you forget selecting and voilà.

From other notation-programs I’m not used that the view position gets lost.