Score stopped following playback

Hi there,
My score suddenly stopped following playback and the green line is not showing in neither write or engrave mode. But Play mode works normally. Is there a way to stop synchronization, something I might have accidentally triggered? I cannot find any documentation on the topic. I have the same behaviour on both 3.5 and 4.0.10.

Have a look in Preferences > Play > Playhead, to see what settings are enabled/disabled. The one of interest in your situation is probably Follow playhead during playback.

Hi Steven,
It is activated. As mentioned, it just stopped working out of nowhere, really like if I had suspended sync. But I don’t remember a similar function in Dorico…

Hi Québ.
Perhaps it’s time to restart Dorico, and maybe even a reboot of the computer.

I did, quite a few times.
By the way, thanks for your answers.

Hopefully the Dorico development team will be able to provide some insight as to why it happened - they have all the inside knowledge.

Hi @Queb , could you please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks.
And could you also please be more precise in describing the problem? Do I get this right, in Play mode playback is working and in Write mode it does not?

Hallo Ulf,
Wie geht’s?
Here’s the diagnostics report.
Playback does work, meaning it plays back all right, but the display won’t follow.
So in Play mode, everything is alright. The green line is there and the display follows. But in Write and Engrave mode, the green line doesn’t show and the score does not follow. What is really annoying, apart from having to scroll to follow playback, is that my windows and tabs don’t synchronise anymore. So if a select a passage in Write mode, press play and switch to engrave mode, I can be anywhere in the score. I usually have simultaneous windows open for write, engrave and play mode.
The problem with the file started in 3.5 and it persists after opening it in 4.0.10.
Danke sehr,
Dorico (887.6 KB)

Hi Queb, danke, es geht mir gut :slight_smile:
Thanks for clarifying. In that case I don’t know but @Daniel might have an answer or knows what to propose next.

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I have no idea why nor how, but it started working normally again… didn’t restart, didn’t reboot… didn’t do anything really apart moving stuff around.

I send you another diagnostic report after I reopened the original file in 3,5 where the problem persists. Maybe you can see something there.
Dorico (1.5 MB)

This was discussed not long ago – I suspect the same issue.

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