Scores pages with images don't print

When I try to print a page from a score with an image (in my case my company logo) inserted, it doesn’t print (Hardcopy or PDF). If I remove the image the page prints fine.

This problem started in Cubase 10.5. I addressed the problem in a earlier support ticket. The response was that this bug would be fixed in the next version of Cubase 11. But the bug is still there. Does anyone else have this problem?


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

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Hi Martin, I’m working on Windows.

Please tell me if you can make a PDF out of this project file.

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I can confirm

What I found was that pages containing an image will not print.


  1. new project, new midi track, insert a 16 bar midi part on the track
  2. open score editor in page view, and set staves to 4 bars per system
  3. insert an image using the IMG tool in the Other tab
    Try to print- nothing happens
  4. Increase space between systems so they flow to a second or higher page, and move the image to another page
    observe- page with image is left out of print job, pages without an image do print

@A4Q can you try this sequence to confirm we are seeing the same bug?

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It seems to be Windows only.

I can print from the attached CPR on Mac here.


Making a PDF was no problem. But there was no image inserted.

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Hi Steve, this is exactly wat happens.

Thank you, @A4Q reported.


@alin89c Is there something in the file you uploaded we are not seeing?

I should’ve remembered that Cubase has this issue (of not embedding the JPG in the CPR file). Sorry. To answer the question you’re asking, yes, there is. There’s an Image you’re not seeing.

I also tried this sequence (on my Macbook Pro Mid 2012, Mojave, Cubase 10.5.20).
RESULT → It seems that only Cubase on Windows has a print problem.
I also tried it on my Windows 10 1903 Machine (only with Cubase 11 and the “Microsoft Print to PDF” driver).
RESULT → At both 3 and 4 steps the PDF is created, but can’t be opened (it says “Error loading” — in Sumatra PDF, “Oups! Looks like this PDF is empty” — in Microsoft Edge).

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Here’s a workaround.
If you need to add custom graphics to your layouts, learn to use a Font Creation program. I use a lot Font Lab 7 to create different symbols and save them into a font file. But if you don’t have Font Lab, I think you can use any of these free apps: