Scoring documentation. Preparing Recorded Parts / Quantize the recordings

The manual says:

Quantize the recordings to reduce the amount of detailed adjustments needed in the Score Editor.

(Cubase_Pro_Score_12_Score_Layout_and_Printing_en.pdf — WebHelp Version)

Everything is correct. I have nothing to comment, but a better procedure to prepare the recorded parts would be not to quantize the notes to the grid, but to quantize the grid to the played notes.

Two years ago I’ve created this feature request. I wasn’t very polite back then, I know. Sorry about that. Anyway, such a feature (making the grid quantizable to notes) would be nice especially for romantic or contemplative film music.

Just saying… :ghost:

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Yes you are much nicer now than you were back then! :upside_down_face:

Isn’t this a feature request more than a docs proofing note?

It’s an interesting possibility-- can you go into more depth on what it would do and how it would help? I can imagine some of it – when the composer is happy with the part, they hit a button that “warps” the timeline to conform to the extant music.

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Thank you.

I’ve added the feature-request tag.

I think I would be more efficient with a Quantize Grid command. This is because it takes a bit of time 'till you position the grid line exactly at the beginning of a note…

Here’s what I would like to happen in the following example. I would like to select the note, then, instead of using the Time Warp tool, I would like to execute a function (bound to a key command) that will do for me the same thing I did in the video with the Time Warp tool (ie. quantize the closest grid vertical line).

The purpose of my feature request is to allow the user to 1) record without metronome, then 2) adapt the grid (to what he/she played) easier.

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