Scoring - How to change tempo while keeping later cues sync'd to picture?

I’m using Cubase for a film scoring project and am facing an issue related to tempo changes across different cues. I’m new to Cubase so am figuring out my Cubase workflow with this project.

I started the project scoring a complex cue about 20 minutes into the film. Now that cue is completed, I’m working on several earlier cues in the project. The project tempo before the completed cue is too fast for the music the earlier scenes need. The issue is when I slow down the tempo for earlier cues, it pushes out the completed cue so it’s not properly sync’d to picture.

How do I keep the completed cue sync’d to the frame where it’s supposed to start, while adjusting tempo across several different earlier cues before this completed cue?

Working on a new cue immediately before the completed cue, I got that to the tempo I wanted using the warp grid (musical events follow) feature, but it just made the tempo for everything before the new cue even faster. So for any earlier cues, the problem will persist (and actually get worse, since tempo earlier in the project is getting faster, but I want it to be slower).

Is there a way to take a subset of bars/beats and remove them so that the tempo is slower for the remaining bars, while keeping the video as-is? I tried deleting bars but the video for that section was deleted too.

You can use Time Warp

Update - I was trying to score an entire film all in one project. Doing so would be a nightmare to manage, because these timing issues would happen constantly across 90+ minutes of music and dozens of cue. It’d also probably be unwieldy for my collaborators elsewhere on the project.

I’m now chunking it out to where each cue (or a series of sequential cues) will have its own project. That way I can manage tempo and time signature changes for the cue, get it right, then move on and start a new project for the next cue.

Understood - though I don’t think Time Warp can quite do what I thought it could do, and it turns out it was more of an issue with how I was approaching the project workflow (scoring an entire film in one project vs maybe a dozen different projects for separate cues).

You might want to check the workflow I developed: