Scoring in Cubase Pro 9.5

Does Cubase Pro 9.5 offer better scoring features than Cubase Artist 9.5??

Cubase Artist scores need to be imported into Dorico for formatting, adding titles, etc. and printing…my question is: Does Cubase Pro offer all that? Not sure if I should buy Dorico or upgrade to Cubase Pro.

Any suggestions?


Yes, Cubase pro has extensive scoring and notation capabilities. Download the trial version, best way to check it out.

Yes, Cubase Pro offers a much fuller featured score editor. The workflow is kinda “old school” compared to Dorico and the default results, automatic notation and engraving are nowhere as good, but the Cubase score editor is still surprisingly powerful.

You can read more about the Cubase Pro score editor by taking a look at this manual:

Dorico is definitely the future of score editing though, so I would recommend keeping an eye on it even if you decide to not buy it now.

Yes technically Pro does have better scoring features but the output is still hot garbage and in no way comparable to anything produced by Dorico/Sibelius/Finale. If you’re not going to be printing scores to be played by pros though though then it might be good enough to save you having to buy one of the main 3.

I don’t know know who the pros are you work with, but no one has complained that the printing was hot garbage. Cubase outputs clean and legible notation, and while it doesn’t have certain advanced features for output and specialized printing, like booklet and so forth, the others have, it supplies the basics very well.

Also, of course Cubase has mad midi editing, which the the notation packages do not. .

Sorry, I’m still stinging about the video engine downgrade I just paid for - you’re right the score output isn’t actually that bad from Cubase. But I’ve never met anyone (on the media scoring side) who would ever send a Cubase score to a session - all the copyists use Sibelius/Finale and expect those files.

Yea Cubase still has the best midi editing by far (I can’t imagine ever switching to anything else, despite all many things that still irritate me about this program!). If/when Dorico and Cubase get complete integration I will uninstall Sibelius with great joy and never look back.

Definitely try Cubase’s Score Editor.

Its very feature rich, PLUS you get all of the DAW benefits no other notation software will have. Expression Mapping is outstanding, if you have the virtual instruments to support this function.

Anyways, yes, do try it out.

Sorry about the video probs, SB had to change that, due to the Apple Quicktime BS. It does work, but there are problems. Did you post a thread on this? If not please do so, maybe there’s a workaround. (I’ll watch for your thread.)

Yea I understand the reason for leaving QT behind, but a fair few of us would agree the current video implementation is not really acceptable. How long has it been now since Logic added direct video export?! Steinberg are really behind the curve here.

Thanks for the offer of help, I did actually post about it a few days ago but it dropped off the front page quite quickly:

Quicktime was discontinued on Windows without warning and with severe security issues. Steinberg had to make changes to their DAW and code their own engine in a hurry to replace Quicktime. Apple didn’t have to move a finger to continue supporting video playback and video export. Of course they’re going to be ahead when they’re backstabbing their competition.

How about not hijacking other people’s threads with completely unrelated issues?

To return to the main subject…

If your output is garbage, that means your score design is garbage (no offense!), as the output is an accurate reflection of what you see on your screen in Page Mode.
Besides, it can be as beautiful as those of the other scoring programs, it depends on your application. :wink:

I’m well aware of the background behind the video engine change. I, and all my colleagues who also use Cubase still find the current video solution unacceptable.

Anyway, apologies for veering off topic in previous posts but I was just responding to Steve’s messages. If it offends you then by all means do delete those (and indeed this) post(s).