Scratch pad

Just saw the presentation of studio one 3 and it have a really interesting new feature i would like to see in cubase 8.5/9. It’s called scratch pad. Starts around 3’20 :

+1 I like this idea

This is a Awsome idea, S1 knocked it out of the park with this feature.
Would love to see this in Cubase
+11111 for this feature

Is this a bit like track versions in Cubase? But, with the added ability to see 2 versions at the same time.

A combination scratch pad (S1v3) and Mix Recall (Sonar) would be nice.
Track versions share the same timeline, whereas scratch pads have their own timeline.

It’s like having multiple arrangements as of old cubase versions years ago…

+1 for the scratch pad… Pretty good and useful option in Studio One.
I’m mainly Cubase user, but in my personal opinion Steinberg must pay more attention on what Presonus does in Studio One… after all Studio One is developed by ex-Nuendo and Cubase developers… :slight_smile:


-1 to SB copying Studio One. +1 for SB to come up with their own way of doing this.

There’s more to it than what one sees on first glance. A scratch Pad is nice, but in Cubase you can have similar functionality by including the tempo and sig tracks with Track Versions.

A solid implementation of something like this would bring a way to have multiple cues in a project timeline, without having to switch to separate window or pane. This would mean having a way to lock sections of the timeline in a way that would permit making tempo changes to a subsection without the effect of moving events that are further down the timeline, regardless of track time base.

Some of the posts that have popped up here after S1 announced their new version include people saying they would never switch to it, but would just like SB to include the exact feature. Why? Even though Cubase has a steeper learning curve, it has a more mature feature set, and more features.

SB has never been a company that simply copied features from other daws (though I’m sure someone will find a fact to contradict that :wink: )

i agree in half way. Now that there is a good reference make at least equal and if possible a better way. Good ideas are to be developed otherwise we would still not be using wheels.

Didn’t i just say that? Studio One isn’t the only reference for this kind of idea. Motu Digital Performer has Chunks and Songs, other apps have different ways to accomplish the same thing.

what i was trying to “acent” is that there is nothing wrng in copying, everyone copies from others. Something new i would say is the result of copying and a bit of inovation.

Well, let’s hope then that they copy all the best parts from all the others, and then add their own special sauce. :wink:

:slight_smile: yes ! now that i thought a bit it’s not so obvious but we can kind of achieve this with setting the Right locator on the left side of the sequence and the Left locator on the right side of the sequence. This skips the time between the locators and this way we can preview how it works with different variations (not so elegant tho)! bahhh is kind of difficult to explain i know you know it, … maybe someone can explain better.


Guys, please read the manual, study to use the software you have, maybe then you’ll not make such FR.

Best regards.

Maybe scratch pad is less powerfull, but i’m sorry it’s way more handy, and there’s space for such a feature in cubase. Putting things appart for later use is something i do on a regular basis, without the feature, and with the hassle. Feel free to not use the feature if ever it comes to appear in cb !

It’s absolutely regrettable, as, firstly, everybody copies steinberg, and secondly their’s no need to reinvent the wheel on everything. The strengh an beauty of this scratch pad feature (for exemple) is its simplicity, imo. Overbloated it will lose all its appeal.

omg… It’s merit of software design if you don’t have to read any single page of the manual to make things done.
Also, i would say most (or all) requesters didn’t read the S1 manual to to know about this feature, or am i wrong? i don’t have to read the manual about the render in place in cubase to know about it, it’s there … designed for that purposed and so featured when was released.

Don’t want to argue but what’s wrong with Track Versions?
why scratch pad is “way more handy”? Is there anything you can’t do with Track Versions in comparison with Scratch Pad? Maybe there are some advantages in the Scrath Pad that will save you hours of work? (in comparison with TV).


track versions is what the name implies, … a version of a track
scratch pad manage song sections (all tracks) which you can name and then try with the main sequence.
maybe if users maded a 30 seconds search users wouldn’t make this kind of comments…

Put all your tracks in a folder click Group Editing and manage all tracks. watch the video.

Well, nothing is wrong with track version. I suppose it’s a matter of taste or a workflow thing, but i find really handy to have a… herm… scratch pad (in lack of a better term) on the right of the screen to quickly drag and drop things, then click on an icon and it’s gone. Re-click and it’s up. I find the whole track version thing usefull, but a bit complicated and conter-intuitive when in the rush and just want to put things aside for later examination. From my point of view, scratch pad is a kind of middle of the road thing you can learn in 10 seconds and use immediately. A draft.
I bet if it’s implemented you’ll use it. :sunglasses: