Scratch pad

Sure it’s a matter of preferences and “drag’n’drop routine” :sunglasses: . If I were Presonus manager I would call the DAW “Drag’n’Drop” Studio :smiley: .
But frankly saying, TV can do the same trick just like SP. IMHO :wink:

i reallly didn’t know about the group editing, … i apologize for being a bit rude. Seems tho that just the fact that i have to fold the tracks is asking to not try and have surprises. Is not elegant for the let’s see what happens , but seems good for the example showed in the video: drums or any instrument that yes makes sense to be folded by nature. Anyway thank you for the heads up!

It’s OK. When I say “study” I don’t want to offend anybody, but I’ve seen enough in this world to be concrete. :wink: . There are a lot of people who don’t read the manual and they think that they don’t have ability to do some things in CB… The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I just wanna help you to see your abilities. If you want to make music - I wanna help you, if you want to make SB implement features just the way you want it to be - I’m off.
Look at lukasbrooklyn he’s perfect in relation of workflow. He is looking for the way to get his job done, he doesn’t waste his time waiting for the new feature, he creates new features with macros and AHK. But of course he votes for really NEW features. So do I.


Using folder group edit is not the only way… you can also use use the commands in the Project>Track Versions menu to set several tracks to the same ID- then you can control which version you want to work on using the other commands in that menu- Select Tracks with Same ID will select all tracks that have a version with the same ID as the selected track.

Then, your tracks will be in sync as you switch through them using Next and Previous versions commands. (they remain selected, so you might have to change your Track Follows Event Selection pref)

I think it’s harder to explain than to actually do.

And, to pick up on what Winter Rat was saying, if you can take the time to experiment with features, there’s a lot to discover.

This would make an amazing addition to the cubase arsenal.

I -really- like this.

The feature is not nearly as ‘full-featured’ as SB would do, but… unlike zee Ghermans tend to do, it is:

  1. Concise
  2. Self-evident
    …and it would give -me- 90% of the full-featured method -I- would like.

In short, they keep it simple.

I also want to comment on the video… the guy clearly lays out the real world scenario they are trying to address (having to go to the end of the CPR and adding yer new idea there.)

Now: the full-featured version would include my fabulous Annual Requests:

  1. The ability to select a Range and save that to a new CPR WITHOUT disturbing the currently active CPR.

  2. Save empty CPR. Just save the CPR as New without any tracks… an extension of ‘Templates’

3 ‘Forking’… the ability to undo/redo along multiple paths… with the ability to save as new CPRs as you go.

And most importantly…

  1. The ability to have TWO active CPRs at once! I would trade EVERY new feature since V3 for the ability to have 2 active CPRs… where you could instantly move material back and forth and audit the results. (Presonus addresses this -very- nearly by simply forcing the ‘scratch’ project to match which is probably -much- easier to program.)

I had never even considered Presonus until now, but this is so huge it’s worth thinking about… especially since Score will be going away at some point.

I cannot count the number of ideas I play into my iphone rather than using Cubase because I don’t want to disturb the current cpr. A scratchpad is the best idea i’ve seen in a decade.

Nothing wrong with track versions! It’s the amount of work/clicks to manage them where scratch pad has an advantage, but this comes with the amount of flexibility in functionality, where, on the other hand, track versions have an advantage.
Concerning “regions” of a song, scratch pad sure shines in comparison, though. Have a look at this thread:
This would shure extend the flexibility of track versions and set it ahead of scratch pad, concerning regions of a song.
And something like “Mix Versions” would be pretty cool, where you would be able to choose between different track configurations, like inserts/sends/routing etc.
Plus an includation of a mix versions within track versions, where, with switching to different track versions, you switch to different inserts, for example, too…

Thank you Winter Rat! cheers

Thank you Steve!

Meanwhile i tried searching for cubase 8 but didn’t found any information (i am stil on 7.5) about track versions handling different automation, is it working now?

Automation isn’t included in track versions. As far as I know, it is not part of the concept.

lol, that is a very polite(cal) way of saying :smiley:

:laughing: :laughing: Nice addition to the lexicon!

Track Versions have NOTHING to do with this idea.

About 15 years ago, I asked if it would be possible to have a ‘Sidekick’… ie. a pop-up window (now like the notifications deal on iPhone) which you could ALWAYS instantly have to hand regardless of what you were working on. In my vision, it would come pre-loaded with 3 tracks:
MIDI Piano,
Vocal Audio
Guitar Audio
… You’d hit ‘Ctrl-Whatever’, it would appear and you’d start recording your ‘scratchpad’ idea. It would have a ‘Save as CPR’… just like the iPhone Voice Memo.

Then you’d get back to yer main project. It’s for MUSICIANS, not engineers. It’s to capture fleeting ideas before they drift away because a LOT of times? You’ve got literally SECONDS before your idea is gone. LITERALLY. You just don’t have time to switch CPRs or cables or -anything-. Your mind has this barest thread of something and you need to get it down NOW!!! Or it’s gone. We’ve all had these… typically as we’re drifting off to sleep or distracted.

I can always tell the ‘engineer’ types by how they react to this idea. MUSICIANS love it. Engineers? They suggest workarounds. There -is- no workaround.

The Presonus implementation (from the demo) is a great step forward.

Hello suntower,
Presonus Scratch Pad has nothing in common with feature you’re asking for. They just let manipulate your main project files leaving the main part untouched. Or you can use VSTis loaded in your main project to make a new record on a separated piece of project. So the difference between SP and Track Versions is separated Automation available for your new piece of music in Scratch Pad. so if you don’t have your piano guitar and voice tracks in the project you’re currently working on you’ll have to load them. For my point of view Scratch Pad is nothing more than just a marker somewhere outside of your main project with ability to hide it Or to move it closer to the left side to see two versions better (main and your new version).

that is perfect, … your “just” is a huge feature

that’s the difference between usable or can’t do it… altho even if different automation versions are available in future releases i still think it is a workaround but is better then nothing.

i agree, i repeat more elegant idea and workflow friendly (that’s huge diffference), no? the alternative is doing the way we could do since, probably, the first daw was developed…

so Winter Rat , … we agree that:

  1. scratch pad concept can’t be done using track versions…

  2. we can make a (primitive) scratch pad concept in cubase using markers! but we didn’t have to read the manual for that. All Daws allow you that, and that has always been the used workaround afaik.

  3. What was asked in OP was a way to do it in a friendly, innovative way has offered in S1 in version 3.

  4. Conclusion: the Original Post Feature Request is something that cubase does not offer. Do we agree?

Yes, I do agree. Cubase doesn’t offer Scratch Pad.
Now let’s wait and see how many Cubase users think that primitive workaround with marker is not enough. :wink:


“just”. It’s “just”… a nuclear weapon. It’s just… a cure for cancer. What’s the big deal? :smiley:

Scratch Pad isn’t ‘just’ a marker. It would save me HOURS every WEEK. But more than that? I’ve lost literally hundreds of ideas over the years by not being able to get them transcribed before they vanished. -Every- creative person feels the same.

hmmm, everything is enough if we don’t want to push things forward, i am not saying it’s a bad thing, but not what i need from my creative DAW. You sound like anti this feature tho, and not someone that really wanted to help. just for you to think :wink:
anyway i learned so i am greatful. :slight_smile: I believe cubase heads make decisions based on a complex criteria, and not simply based on the forum (+1’s).

Cheers too

No, I’m not so “anti this feature”, I just :wink: think it’d be better to improve Track Versions including Automation into the concept. In other words better improve existing feature than add extra stuff. in this particular case.


i am pretty sure you never tried doing it with track versions, anyway, in fact i think it will conflict because to make this “score version” or “draft” or “scrach pad” using the already built in track versions concept we would have to make all tracks with same id and so conflicting with the concept of using different Id’s for tasks they were ment to be used.

Automation and full inspector (audio efx, midi efx, eq, etc) would be even better. But i’m sure they can do both ! :mrgreen: