Screen capture soft to work with/under Cubase (Windows)

I have been intending to work on some vst Cubase 10 related tutorials. Tested tens of such capture apps under Windows. When the instruments are NOT under Cubase, just run as Stand-alone video and audio works great. When launching Cubase and run VSTs under it and then run the capture soft there is no audio.

I have UAD’s USB Twin Duo.
Would appreciate some advice.

The main problem could be the Audio Card is in use by Cubase. So the video capture software cannot work under the same audio driver. Mostly there are solutions to this, you better look in google for that (recording audio from a connected allready used soundcard) or under video capture software not recording audio problems. This is not really a cubase problem. But a problem of capturing video from an audio card that is in use by other software.

OBS is great capture software. The problem Denis mentioned with the audio can be solved a couple of ways. I liked the FL Studio demo option with the ASIO driver that sends the ASIO audio to the Windows audio. Check out this thread.

thanks for your help guy!