Screensaver won't work

I’m finding screensaver (and monitor shutdown) in Windows 10 will not operate while Cubase 10 is running. I like to leave a project open and come back to it multiple times during the day and night between rest periods, eating etc without having to fire up Cubase again and reload the project. Is there a way around this? I have Googled but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive fix. Do all DAWs do this? Thanks

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Have a look here:


Read it and weep… Actually, no other DAW does this. I stopped using Cubase Pro 12 about a month after purchasing it. I got fed up with having to shut down Cubase every time I walked away or come back with my monitors blaring and machine unlocked. I’ve settled on Reaper, and the Reaper community is without equal IMO. Good luck.

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Getting back into my home studio after a time away from it. I got tired of spending hours trying to solve DAW problems and just went back to playing guitar.

I’ve started experimenting with Reaper again too, the other DAW I have some experience with.

My DAW skills are fairly limited but Cubase has thrown a few inexplicable problems at me this week. After thinking I must have done something wrong and spending hours trying to solve these issues, I’ve realised that it was just a bug in all cases . I guess all DAWs have their issues.

It seems many have complained about the screensaver issue. Why wouldn’t Steinberg just fix it? Surely the solution would be fairly simple.

I use 4k video downloader and it has an option in the preferences to prevent sleep/shutdown. How hard can it be to put such an option in Cubase’s preferences dialog?

Just an fyi, the machine can be locked using the Windows Win+L shortcut. At least it does on my system (See my profile)

same here