Script Menu? Macros?

Didn’t find any info on Help function about this. Is anyone using this? With Final and Sibelius I have used Macro Express Pro (On W10) to implement some basic macro’s, but haven’t yet tried with Dorico. Anyone?

FWIW, in the latest Cubase (11), for rendering audio, there is some incredible new macro scripting. Wondering if that could be imported into Dorico for some things?


I suggest you search the forum for previous discussions of macro recording using the built-in feature in the Script menu, the use of third-party software like Auto Hot Key (AHK), Keyboard Maestro, and so on.

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You can do this, which I’ve used: Easily rebindable hotkey? - #2 by pianoleo

It’s still an area that needs further development, but it does work.

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