Scripts for older MIDI controllers

I have a LaunchKey MK2 61 and am trying to set up the MIDI remote controller. Without setup, it seems the piano key inputs work normally, but the sliders and buttons are unresponsive. I noticed that while the MK3 models have preexisting scripts, there are no scripts for the older versions. Is there anywhere I can find such scripts? Additionally, when I tried to create a custom script, Cubase did not detect my MIDI controller inputs and create new buttons. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Not sure I understand this. Buttons are created based on your script, it’s not an automatic process.

Anyway, why not trying to create a surface using the midi remote assistant instead of diving straight away to scripting?

Because using the assistant generates .json files as scripting is done, editing .js ones ? These don’t use the same syntax, which doesn’t allow us to script, starting from an already existing MIDI Remote definition done by the assistant.

I gave up any scripting attempt exactly for this reason. Life is short…

Sure. I didn’t suggest creating a surface using the assistant and afterwards proceed with scripting. My real suggestion is to use the midi assistant and only in the case that you find that you need more advanced functions (for example sending sysexes to change the controller’s display and/or colors) then you may want to try scripting.

True. In fact though tedious, it is doable to create a utility for converting a json-based midi remote to a js one.

Yep, but the main problem is the transition. If you find that you are limited in a way or another with the MIDI Remote Assistant, you have to start everything from scratch, this, without necessarily being a Java Script programmer.

I could expose here my own needs and concerns, related to one of my controllers endless knobs using NRPN messages, but I don’t want to derail @dpb thread. At the end, the result is that I use the whole MIDI Remote feature as a Generic Remote one with an UI and the same clumsy workaround I found a long time ago to make my controller more or less work, the MIDI Remote Assistant being unable to cope with endless knobs generating NRPN messages. Maybe scripting could give me a solution, but I’ll probably never know…

I still don’t understand why Steinberg has chosen to do all the MIDI Remote structure, using two different files format, which are not directly compatible. What’s the reasoning behind it ? :thinking:

I have to guess that scripting is targeting manufacturers, while the assistant targets the users’ base.
What JSON does in reality is to feed an underlying “generic” script running, my guess again.

Interesting! Never tried this, cause my controllers are generating 0-127 range ccs, but I can try to replicate this one using bome.

It would be really strange not to work as expected.

Ok, but still… Why the distinction ? Wouldn’t have it been more simple to unify the whole thing ?

Thanks for the suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:
Again, to not derail @dpb thread I’m going to start a thread about it. Stay tuned… :wink:

EDIT : actually, I think that this thread of mine sums up rather well the issue. So, if there is any scripting solution, maybe you, @m.c, could help and post in it. Thanks for any suggestion… :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t read the complete thread but if the Launch Keys has an editor the same as the SL range you need to setup a template and turn on the buttons / pads and setup controllers per knob/switch/button/pad via the Novation template editor

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Ah yes, sorry I meant that Cubase does not detect inputs and create buttons automatically when I try to create a surface.

Is there a guide or video on how to do this?

Im sure there is but it’s self explanatory , just right click on each and set them up . By default on the templates they are turned OFF