"Seasons Greetings From Steinberg"

So I got this email and the only reason I opened it is because I thought there might be a free gift or a big sale but nothing. I realize there is an unsubscribe at the bottom (in small print) but this is spam and it’s very annoying to me. I gave my email originally only for the purpose of password recovery and nothing else. This email didn’t make me feel happy or more appreciative of Steinberg, quite the opposite. I believe I unsubscribed to these before. It is uncool of you Steinberg.

That has nothing to do with the forum. It was sent to the email in your ‘mysteinberg’ account, or you subscribed separately. Forum registration does not subscribe you to anything.

But It’s funny that your definition of spam is: an email that does not contain a gift for you.

(I’ll lounge this thread.)

I thought it was totally fine to thank us for our business and support.

Merry Christmas Steinberg!

Bah Humbug! :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly. How dare you say Merry Christmas without giving me a present from Santa?

Merry Christmas to all! :wink:

I wish I received a “Merry Christmas” email from Steinberg but, unless I purchase something from them or for most support requests, I never receive any email communication from the Steinberg crew. And yes I am signed up for the Steinberg Newsletter in MySteinberg account. Oh well. :unamused:

Regards :sunglasses:

It’s funny. I’m subscribed to pretty much everything in this is the only email I got this year. LOL but it did not piss me off!

My point is, this is not from a human. Nobody there personally knows me. It’s like the early self-checkout machines that constantly said “Please” then thanked me. Get to the business or else you are wasting my time. It’s not a holiday for everyone, not even in the states. Saying “Season’s Greetings” doesn’t hide what it really is… Poor PR IMHO.

Ha! Bumhug!

Yes a very Merry Christmas to all!

So I saw this forum post and the only reason I opened it is because I thought there might be a free gift or a big sale but nothing. I realize there is a Logout on menu at the top but this is pointless rant and it’s very annoying to me. I logged in originally only for the purpose of learning/teaching/discussing about music production and nothing else. This post didn’t make me feel happy or more appreciative of Minimalist, quite the opposite.

The christmas calender was nice, I bought something I had my eye on some time.

Look up Denis Leary Merry Christmas on Youtube.

Hilarious. thank you.


If he’s getting unsolicited bot email, that’s spam right?

Well, happy new year everyone. I just wanted to say, Steinberg sucks because they sell me software that duplicates $25,000 worth of hardware on my $900 laptop then they send me holiday greetings without my permission and without a payment to me! I mean yeah I bought something from them and participate in the community they provide online and have a user account on their system which also provides a backup license and the law provides that they can send me emails once I give them permission to which I did when I created an account on their so-called “my steinberg” website (which I mean, come on, whose Steinberg is it, let’s not pretend, okay?) but who the freak are they to bother me at this most hollow -I mean holy- time of the year?

I’m as much of curmudgeon as anyone here, but geez, Louise.

Wow, that’s a lot of words. OP’s feelings are valid, as are all feelings, why belittle him/her?

FWIW, I see OP’s point. Inboxes are drowning in marketing bot-spam. Steinberg’s greetings don’t especially make the Season for me either.

“Dear donotreply@AmazingCompany.com - Thanks! For the Season’s Greetings!! It’s been way too long - how are the kids? Hello? Hello?”. :laughing: :laughing:

Thank you Alexis. I know I can always count on you to correct me.