Second screen on iPad. This is very cool!

Thought I’d share this here as I find it really useful for Cubase.

If you’ve got an iPad, Duet lets you use it as a second screen. There’s zero lag, provides full touch support and runs in retina resolution.

Here it is on my MacBook:


I’m also using Duet, it’s really nice.

I would like just to add, the touch support is not multi-touch in sense you could move multiple faders at once.

So does this work with a pc as well?

It says it does…shall be giving it a try.

Thanks Steve. How is the Resolution before I pull the trigger?

Anyone know too what the iPad app is called where you can assign functions to buttons?

Metagrid is the one I use with Cubase for this purpose.

Cool thanks will have a look

You can do this between two Windows 10 machines using functionality built into the OS - though in the case of Windows, multitouch and pen can be passed back to the main machine. I have a Microsoft Surface Go as well as several other larger Windows 10 machines.

On the device you want to use as a display, go into Settings (e.g. by clicking the Windows icon in the bottom left of the screen, then the cog), choose System, Projecting to this PC, then change the top setting to “Available everywhere on secure networks” (or “Available everywhere” if you need to).

On the device you want to use the display on, go into Settings, choose System, Display and scroll down to “Connect to a wireless display”. Once you have the connection set up, you almost certainl want to set the Multiple displays setting to “Extend these displays”.

thanks for the heads up, is there a performance hit on this ?

I’ve not found any noticeable performance issues, though there is likely to be a small amount of latency with any wireless display and I wouldn’t want to try playing video on the wireless display. It works well enough for my uses and the price is right if you have two Windows 10 machines! I had the Surface Go anyway, as it is my “go everywhere” Windows machine when I don’t want to carry a larger laptop. Using it as a wireless display on another laptop extends its usefulness.

So long as you understand its limitations, Surface Go can make an excellent secondary Windows machine. It can be used for lightweight audio work, but it isn’t going to be useful for large Cubase sessions.

I’m gonna give that a try - thanks

The resolution is selectable. On my system I can run at full retina dpi at 1024 x 768 with zero lag and no performance hit. Very handy for channel settings window, etc. I also run metagrid. They both run happily alongside each other.

This is particularly useful to know, I was wondering that as someone who already runs Metagrid. Thanks Steve.

This is very cool. I have a couple of questions… Can you use the Ipad touch for “touch automation” in Cubase? i.e. when you touch the fader on the Ipad it enables “write” as it does with the mouse? Secondly, are you limited to one Ipad?

Touch control works like a mouse, so whatever you can do with a mouse, you can do with touch. Muliple iPads are supported, I believe.

Just started using DuetDisplay w/Cubase 10. Really easy to install and up and running quickly. Really nice to have a plugin or anything else,parked on the Ipad and being able to use touch to control everything. Very cool. :sunglasses:

Is there a way to use an Android tablet as second device? It would be great to have the mixer there instead of having to flip between the main screen and mixer.

I just installed Duet Display on my PC and I’m noticing quite a bit of lag even at the lowest setting, anyone else?

iDisplay is a similar app that’s cross-platform and claims to support multi-touch and work on Android, iOS, and Windows. When it comes to the app discussed here initially, Duet Display, it has a Pro version that apparently offers less latency and some drawing related features with a Pro subscription of $4 per month or $24/year. iDisplay doesn’t appear to hold back on features or charge a sub (no idea what latency is like there).

Note: I haven’t used either yet, but I’m going to take a chance on iDisplay later today to see if it works as a secondary multi-touch monitor (from Windows PC to iPad Pro). Might be an alternative to Duet if you don’t need drawing features. If you were looking to use your iPad as a drawing tablet, Duet Pro looks like the better option.

I’ll post back with my thoughts on iDisplay after I’ve checked it out later today.

Great, thanks!