Seeking Auto-Panner Plug-In For N12

Is one already bundled? Just looking to simple auto-pan between 2-channels with variable speed, waveform, law, etc. Thanks…s

What’s wrong with this one …?


Nothing. Is it bundled with my N12? (still hasn’t shipped) Or sold separately? If so where. I’m a bit overwhelmed. Thanks…s

There is one included but doesn’t look the same. I want this one…s

You need better glasses. :eyeglasses:

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There must be literally dozens of freeware plug-ins doing auto-panning (and even more commercial ones). If you can’t find the one that comes with Nuendo, get the free bundle from Melda Productions and call it a day:


Thousands of plugins listed here… It’s like a directory for plugins.
I’m sure you know that already.

But maybe it’s new to somebody…


For example, go to the “Inserts” (Inspector or Mixer) and type “auto” in the search box: And you will be offered the “AutoPan” (category: “Modulation”).


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His Nuendo is not delivered yet. He was reading the manuals only.

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I ALWAYS read the manuals before I choose software. They usually tell you more about the software than the vendor’s website. :wink:

In general, I wish people would read more manuals. Yes, that would eliminate 80% of the questions here in the forum. But then some people would definitely have more free time here. :innocent:

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I wish manufacturers would make them easier to come by.

I spent an hour last night on the Dolby website looking for downloadable documentation for the Dolby Panner before finely giving up.

I should disclose I am a former employee of Dolby in the 1970s, And yes, i still bleed Dolby Blue…s

Do you mean the Dolby Atmos Music Panner? You must be logged in to read the manual. Sorry, there is no PDF version of the manual. Only a web version. Otherwise I would have uploaded it for you.

The website once created their own PDF document. I have linked it HERE for you to download.

Hi Mas - yes I was logged in. To this old guy the website is like untangling spaghetti. And i always end up where i started.

As I am a student of marketing, the best way to sell your product is to make it easy for the client. If they are interested, as they are they are there, make it easy to find what they need like downloadable documentation. It shouldn’t be some kind of secret sauce…s

I feel you. Did the same two years ago.

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I wrote directly to Dolby. They need a dedicated novice page with basics and documentation down loads.

It is especially hard for me as I am terminally dyslexic. :slight_smile:

Atmos looks like it will be the new stereo. Dolby needs to make it easy for us early adapters to hit the ground running…s

PS is there a Dolby Atmos Forum - ?

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In Nuendo you definitely don’t need the Dolby Atmos panner as the Nuendo one is fine but the Dolby one does have some nice features. I think it’s Mac only too, am I remembering correctly? The auto panner in Nuendo is fine as Nuendo does allow you to change the routing of the stereo plugin to any pair you want. HTH.
As well, a lot of the native Nuendo plugins like delay and Mod Machine go up to 7.1 and 7.1.4 respectively.

I am very impressed with the list of plug-ins that come with my N12 and can’t wait to try them.

I am getting the Dolby Suite like you say for features. It was the reason this original PC person is going mac anything for the first time. Yes I’m nervous. …s

Granted: Dolby’s website is a little confusing, redundant and poorly structured. But you can download everything if it is available. You don’t have to make a special request. With the vendor of our BD/UHD authoring software, you have to make a special request to get a download link emailed to you. Going back to Dolby, it would be helpful if there was a central download page. (Steinberg leads the way here.)

If you have registered, this link should help:

Sign in | Dolby

There is a page for learning content and the “Dolby Institute” with numerous tutorials. And a page with links to knowledge bases.

There are Dolby support forums. Unfortunately, they are divided into subject areas, so there is no central link to them. For example, HERE is the “Atmos Music & Post” forum.

I’m just happy the Dolby Renderer 5.0 works on a PC. Not through it in real time yet but it is helpful once I output my ADM files from Nuendo. I will have to use one of my MacBook Pro’s for the Dolby Album Assembler but at least I don’t have to re-buy the Renderer to work with it.
If you still have a Pro Tools license you can buy the Dolby Renderer for $99 US or $129 CAD within your Avid account.

My pro tools hd-tdm is 7.4 lol - right now the hp3000 it runs on (xp) is laying on the floor with the side panel off. The battery needs to be changed and the pro tools cards are covering it and i have no idea how to get them out. I have contacted a service person that hopefully does house calls. ’

I am going to hook up Nuendo in tandem meaning the out put of the 192 a/d will feed a new Lynx converter attached to the mac running Nuendo. …s