Seems like Steinberg is listening to the community, I'd like to request Piano Roll functionality like FL Studio

Has anybody tried FL Studio’s piano roll? I’ve tried every other daw, but FL STUDIO’s piano roll has the fastest most creative workflow, things I could only play in before can be created so easily because of it’s simple workflow, having to switch tools constantly in Cubase hinders my workflow. I’d like to request for the next version they give us the ability to change the key bindings for the piano roll, or make it work similar to FL STUDIO. It’s the only feature that FL Studio has that beats every other daw, if Cubase take’s that it’ll literally have the best features of every daw.

I’ve made a feature request related to that here:

But note that the Cubase piano roll is just as fast (and actually faster for many things) than the FL piano roll once you become comfortable with the key commands.

Totally agree. FLStudio’s piano roll has features that I don’t understand why all other DAWs don’t copy.
Strum, groove quantize, arpeggiate patterns, chop… It’s amazing, and I often wish Cubase had those as well.

every year people asking for Fl studio piano roll functionality.
Who knows, maybe now it’s time to ask again…


I’ve also made a feature request related to this here:

If you want to see things added then +1 the feature requests or post your opinion on them. The general discussion forum isn’t the right place for this.

First of all Cubase’s piano roll is already way better than fruity loops and other DAWs it’s actually the best in the business. So please don’t ask for amature features.
Cubase has a line tool mode and many other pro features like chord pads and track which I don’t see in Fuity Loops. Cubase is made for vocalist and songwriter. Not for electronic loops composers.
If you like fuity loops then use that. It’s called Cubase Pro for a reason…

There is noting “amateur” about them.

I have no problem with so-called amateur features, so long as they don’t interfere with a professional workflow.

I actually like fruity loops and I’ve used it. At this point in the DAW game it would make more business sense to reprogram it to have rewire slave like Ableton and lower the price
to $99 for example and add some amazing synths like Garage Band and Logic…

On the other hand Steinberg should keep an eye on Tracktion:

They actually have patent pending technologies that will most likely end up / copied in most DAWs.

I’ve used FL for more than 10 years, switched to Cubase and I don’t really miss anything from FL here. Truth is, if you do EDM, your requests seem legit, but Cubase’s focus is not primarily on EDM and that’s how it’s supposed to be. If you don’t like it, stay with FL or switch to Logic or whatever suits you. But to not sound like the f-you guy, if those functions you request are made as an addition and not as a rework of the entire piano roll, why not.

id just like to see the function to set a key so only those notes are highlighted or enabled to draw into. .

FL’s piano roll has great functions, regardless of the genre of music someone is making.
It’s just a tool, and FL has more tools in this respect.

I’m note sure what you mean by that but there are a lot of hidden features in Cubase piano roll. I suggest reading Page 717-738 of Cubase Pro 8.5 PDF manual.

Are you talking about Step Input mode??? Pages 727… When activated you press the desired key/note and they’re inserted according to the quantize setting on the grid…

I agree that FL’s piano roll is pretty good, but the OP’s post should have a more specific request other than “make it more like FL because it works better”.

No I mean set a key so that you can only use the notes in that specific key or they highlighted a different color to make programming a little quicker.

Exactly, like in Reaper :joy:.

I could really use strum + arpeggio type features right in the Piano Roll (as opposed to midi plugins or input chain, which are also important).
I’ve suggested SB continue some work on the input chain idea that they started in the ‘Lower Zone’, since we’re making DAW comparisons, similar to Reason’s input device. Essentially, a ‘Lower Zone’ arpeggiator console for input.

Lol. Thank you for telling us what types of music Cubase is made for! Thank goodness we have professionals such as yourself to help teach us these things. :rofl::joy::rofl: