Seems moving licenses to SAM is slowed down?

its been few months since seeing seeing new voucher in “my Steinberg”
at least for some products that i have still on my Elicenser .
Vst connect Pro ?(maybe i need to upgrade ?)
Neo soul Keys, HSO, some loops (indie rock, dubstep ,oriental percussion, table ) RND eq and comp etc…

VST Connect Pro 5 has migrated to Steinberg Licensing as of version 5.6. If you have not already paid to update to VST Connect Pro 5, you must do this to transition to Steinberg Licensing.

It is unclear whether the RND plug-ins will move to Steinberg Licensing.

All other currently sold software products should have transitioned to Steinberg Licensing. If you do not have vouchers for HALion Symphonic Orchestra and the loop sets, re-register the eLicenser(s), run Maintenance in eLicenser Control Center and then check My Steinberg over the next 24 hours to see if vouchers appear. If they do not, contact Steinberg Support.

You’re probably out of luck with Neo Soul Keys, as that was discontinued some time ago.


thanks for the detailed info :+1:
what it means to re-register the elicenser and how to do it?
i have downloaded the latest Elicenser and performed the maintenance command.

In eLicenser Control Center, run “Register all licences at MySteinberg” in the Registration menu. You should be directed to the Steinberg website to log in to your My Steinberg account. Complete the process, then click “My Products” to check that all the eLicensers you expect to be registered are registered against your account.

When you have completed that process, re-run Maintenance.

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thanks, ill try it :+1:

i found this list of Steinberg products checked which using SAM/Elicenser
but its partial and looks like only Base products are listed and not sound libraries, plugins and loop/sample libraries to check what product made it to SAM till now. is there a full list of all products somewhere ?

Anyway from my previous post, i got voucher only for vst connect Pro 5 after i upgraded from version 4.
i re-registered my eilicenser did Maintenance action on elicenser after installing the newest elicenser version, but got no vouchers for products still on my elicenser ! like HSO and sound loops and some libraries
i didn’t upgraded to H7 yet though if its matters for HSO, but i have the free Halion sonic 7 .
also i cant contact Steinberg support from my country , and the vendor in my country cant help !
is there other way i can contact Steinberg ? direct email maybe?
all the Steinberg products i bought are from Steinberg’s shop so i except to get a support directly from them !