"Select Colors by Name" bug in Cubase 12


Cubase 12 still has broken colouring trying to apply colour to a folder but instead it changes the colour on the last selected track. Colouring issues were present in all version of Cubase can anyone explain where is the issue making this finally work is it coding issue, software limitation?


How did you get the color palette, please? (I’m also wondering, this is not common Cubase 12 color palette…)

The Audio Event has been selected and obviously you call the global color palette, which colors currently selected object. Click the Colorize Selected Track arrow in the Inspector’s track name and select the color.

Same thing happens.

CTRL+ left click on the folder opens the palette.


Please, read my post above.

You have to deselect all events (i.e. by clicking in an empty space in the project, or by hitting ESC, which should deselect events IIRC), and then try to use the color palette. Because AFAIK the palette always prioritizes events, if some are selected.

This doesn’t change anything same thing is happening. I just showed you here it doesn’t work. @Martin.Jirsak

Yes because you still have selected this event:

unselect it, and try again!

Why does it do that? If I select a track or folder that means that is the priority for me.

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I agree, this is not really intuitive, but it is working like this unfortunately.
It should not prioritize events over tracks or vice versa, instead it should color the last object which was selected, or the one in focus. Happens to me very often, that I accidentally color an event, even if I want to color a track.

I’m afraid you will have to create a feature request to ask to change this behaviour. I’d support that one (I just don’t have any votes left :frowning: )

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This looks more like a bug to fix rather than a feature request as changing colour within the inspector still colours only the playlist event. btw. You have encountered it already and haven’t reported it?


I got the answer, that this is “by design”. You basically too, right at post #2.

I agree, but there are multiple “by design” choices in Cubase, which are unintuitive/unlogical and seem more like bugs, because other well known programs, also outside the DAW world, behave different.

To make an example:
When copying something, no matter which application, it copies always the last selected
object, not some other object which is selected in another window, folder or program.
The situation is a bit different here, but the principle is the same.

Nobody new to Cubase would expect an event to be colored, if you specifically focused/selected the track and added a color there.

I am beginning to regret buying the upgrade.

I didn’t really get a definitive answer, is this going to be fixed?


It works as specified (and expected). If you use the Color Palette of the Select Color for Selected Tracks or Events, this colorise the selected Track or Event. The event has higher priority here (by specification). SO in your case, if you select and Event and a Track, the Event is going to be colorised.

If you want to change the color if the track, either deselect the Event or use the Colorize Selected Track controller, or other method to change the Track’s color.

It doesn’t. Don’t turn Cubase into China. Users decide what is the priority not Cubase. Do you also have to unselect a folder on your mac or windows machine in order to copy and paste other folder you just selected?

I just showed you here it doesn’t work. @Martin.Jirsak


This doesn’t look like proper Cubase 12 to me. The Chord Palette looks like from older Cubase versions.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?


You re wrong. Steinberg defines the specification and Cubase has to decide, if there is a conflict.

Yes, this worked. So there is issue importing preferences from previous versions than.