Selecting the Mute Automation lane causes Cubase to ignore the automation

I have a problem that seems to me to be a bug, but I wanted to run it past others before describing it as such. I have used automation on Cubase since SX2 but do not discount that I’ve just misunderstood a new feature in 10.5. I am also struggling to recreate it on a consistent basis.
On a group track I have a simple Mute automation lane which is set to unmute during choruses and mute during verses, all very straightforward. I’ll write it in manually where needed, and listen back to each event to make sure the timing is good. However, sometimes Cubase is ignoring the automation. The ‘mute’ button will unmute on the group when the automation tells it to, but the audio from the tracks routed to the group cannot be heard - it is as if the group is still muted (but the yellow mute button does go off).
Some basic error-checking I have performed:

  • the tracks I am listening to are routed to the correct group and not muted. Volume faders are at 0dB (and have no automation on them).
  • the meters on the individual tracks are active and showing the expected signal activity.
  • the group ‘mute’ button is not yellow but the group meters are completely inactive as if receiving no signal, even though the routing is confirmed and the mute has been bypassed.

There are three reasons I think this may be a bug:

  1. If I do nothing but save the project, close, and re-open it, the problem disappears (ie I don’t change anything myself other than hit ctrl+s) .
  2. If I delete and re-add the automation instruction, it starts working again. Same if I turn the R button of and on again.
  3. It does not seem to be a problem I can repeat on a reliable basis, it’s just something that crops up randomly when I start editing automation - but seems to start when I first click on the ‘Mute’ automation track in the project window (hence the title of this thread).

Anyone got any suggestions of what I may be doing, or any new settings I may have missed? Any input appreciated as it’s getting quite annoying.

I’ve just started having issues with Cubase automation. I use Blue Cat’s Gain plugin to write volume automation after plugin processing and prior to fader so that I can still adjust the overall gain relationship of the track in the mix (it boggles my mind that Cubase doesn’t have a simple trim plugin) , and today after closing and reopening a sessions I am working on, Cubase is just flat out ignoring the automation. I deleted one plugin and readded it, and rewrote the automation and that one works now… but I can’t keep doing this with every bit of automation and now I have to spend time going through every bit of automation I have in the session to make sure they are all working :confused: