SERIOUS Cubase 13 export glitch

Hi Everyone. I have a problem on my hands here. It started after i upgraded to Mac OS Sonoma on a Mac Mini M2. Every mp3 export i do has a glitch and when the glitch happens i lose a section of the song. More like a CD glitch. For Wavs there is a millisecond black out. Further more All the mp3 files and Wav files are not readable by any software or player other than Cubase. It’s a bit frustrating.

Is anyone getting this problem?

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First of all, Cubase 13 doesn’t officially support macOS Sonoma yet.

Do you maybe experience this issue?

Let me read. (Side note: But also on C12. Getting C13 was an attempt to try fix the issue)

I will respond shortly after reading , thank you

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Yes, thats the same issue i get on Wav files. On MP3s it literally skips a whole section

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Is your hard drive formated as ExFAT, please?

I am not sure, let me check now.

Yes, it’s ExFAT format.


Then the issue is the same, as described in the post, I linked:

You can solve the issue by using different drive format.

Hey Kuu (or Hi Kuu for the poets out there, lol)

Rather than formatting your drive to another format, I would leave the ExFAT format and simply spend $4 on this mp3 encoder, which I use and can say is a great tool:

If you leave it as ExFAT, you can use the drive on Windows computers or other computers without having to worry about legacy file systems or compatibility issues. It’s better to spend the $4 and use a tried and true mp3 encoder that was made for that purpose - also gives you more functions as well, and will be playable on all devices that support mp3. Best of both worlds.

So export the WAV from Cubase, then use the above app for the mp3 portion.

Awesome, currently formatting my drive. I will update asap.


In another thread, I was reading a similar issue that is affecting Cubase only in the Native mode. Could you try to start Cubase in the Rosetta mode, for the test, please?

Was this issue ever fixed? I have updated Sonomatwo time and I still having the glitch in my Cubase 13 Artist.

Yes. there was a solution to this. It has something to do with the external hard drive format. Please scroll on top to see the solution