Seriously Concerned Now!!!!

There is just no one on this forum anymore like there was at the old. Going through my last 5 posts 3 have had no replys and the others have had 2. Steinberg wake up what the heck are you doing??? Can’t you see you must be doing something seriously wrong if even your own users aren’t maintaining a buzzing community. How can you expect a new user to pick up Nuendo when the source of support and user knowledge (The forum) is just dead. It’s imperative to have vibrant community to create buzz and excitement in your product. The writting has been on the wall for Nuendo for a long time and I for one are not going down with out a fight.

Nuendo is a great product and IMO THE only alternative to Pro Tools for post work. I want to stay with it and want to see the user base grow, I want to see awesome marketing and the software to get better and better. So if I’m going to have to fight you Steinberg I will. Stop F#$%! stuffing around and put some serious money into marketing Neundo (Couldn’t give a stuff about Cubase sorry) Create some industry buzz, completely fire the marketing dept and start again. Why because even your forum is as boring as hell, so how can that be successful for the Nuendo And for the record if I get booted off the forum for speaking the truth then how shallow and pathetic is that.

BTW when I wrote this I was the only user online and there was ZERO guests. Over at the Pro Tools Forum there was 75 members and 857 guests - Says it all


I think part of the problem is that Steinberg also hasn’t communicated clearly what they want this forum to be.

Obviously they don’t want people complaining about their products, so they tell people to be quiet and delete posts (and ban users). That’s to be expected (though not appreciated).

But it’s strange when the website path to the forum clearly states “Exchange tips and tricks with other users, talk to our product specialists, plan the next remix project and get the latest news.” and the response is the way it is. Just this month the latest release of Cubase apparently resulted in crackles in some systems. After 10 days pretty much the only official response was “check your system” (i.e not our fault), “no problems elsewhere” (i.e not our fault) and “don’t talk like this on this forum” (i.e don’t complain about the app not working).

The users solved the problem themselves. No acknowledgment from any “product specialists” or anything. That’s pretty mediocre and confusing I think. No wonder some feel time is better spent NOT on the forum, which of course reduces “buzz”.

I have stated earlier on that I am just as much concerned about the way this new forum goes and works.
Now, just hypothetical…, if I could have the old forum back as it was, with Fredo as the main Admin and the occasional involvement of SB dudes, I would be really happy ! Fredo is a seasoned professional and an experienced Nuendo User. Those who did not appreciate his work for the forum must know: Life is no Pony farm… I do not know anybody else who could and would do this job… That much to that.

What SB did to the forum was de-personalization…it made it anonymous and killed all the cuddlyness and the ambition to help each other.
Now, if SB cared to wise up and think… give us our snugly Nuendo corner back and see the forum come to life again.


perhaps you could state clearly what the standard is here that we are supposed to follow. I just posted something earlier, and I completely and utterly fail to see how that warranted being deleted. Could you please explain to me what “rule” or “guideline” I broke?

With all due respect,


I would post more if I had the time. It is dead really dead here anyway. We lost a number of users from the old forum when this one opened. There were a number of cubase users on the old forum. I used to be one of em back in the day.

I don’t really have an issue with the new Forum in terms of understanding why they want it all under the same umbrella. My issues is it’s just boring and dead. How can we expect new users as well as ourselves to get advice from the community when the community just isn’t here any more.

Something has to change and fast because the excitement in Nuendo is going and we are seeing it here first hand. Like I said Steinberg need to really sit up and take notice. With all due respect to you Fredo you are not Steinberg but a user just like me and its about time that we see regular Steinberg Reps talking, communicating, answering our questions, updating us weekly on progress, organising workshop and promotional tours. Spreading the Good News - Creating Buzz. Because its this that will bring users back and the likes to the forum. Fredo you have been an awesome service to the Forum over many years but it looks like you are becoming a one armed man rowing the boat around in circles. I think its time for you to take a back seat in terms of being moderator. We still need your input and knowledge and maybe you become an Ambassador for Nuendo. But we need new faces and especially regular Steinberg Reps like a weekly Steinberg update or Podcast with industry News… It would bring people back to the forum

You see for me there is no Steinberg Phone Number to call for support its only this forum and if I can’t get the answers I need then whats the point.

You have answered BigK: “Don’t make it personal” to which BigK answered “What did I say that was personal?”.
Now, unless I am totaly from another world, I can not see any relevence in these kind of conversations, so I deleted both posts because they contributed nothing to this thread. On the contrary, they could have been the start of another one of these pointless verbal fights over nothing. Discussing things is not about trying to win a verbal fight, it’s about exchanging ideas, defending and explaining your idea within mutual respect for each other. So anything that even smells like trolling is -and will get- removed by me. I rather see a forum that is half as busy as the old ones, than having to wade through dozens and dozens of pissing contests in the morning.


Well the above is what is a part of the problem. You probably think you’re doing something good by doing that, but quite frankly the only thing you’re doing is (censored) people off and deterring them from posting.

In this specific case I was saying to not make it personal because he brought up your contribution to the forum. Why would I make that comment then you may ask; well I would because you will OBVIOUSLY NOT delete a post that hails you as a moderator. Thus the message you like to see, a positive one, is left intact.

Now, if we give those guys the right to talk about how great you are as a moderator, then, ON THAT TOPIC, one would expect that an equal criticism of your moderation would be allowed, yes? After all, they brought your moderation up, not a person replying to that, correct?

Somehow however, I get the most distinct feeling that if I voiced my opinion about your moderation that would fall under your arbitrary definition of “trolling” as it would suddenly be irrelevant, or, actually more likely, be determined to be a “personal attack”.

So to me it seemed prudent to not discuss any individuals at all, which is why I made the comment I did. I basically did what you did not do: Tell people to not make it personal!

Now having said all that, assuming since you just clarified what the problem was that talking about how you moderate is fine (after all, you left the positive comments in) I’ll just point out that I find your moderation arbitrary, sub-par and annoying. I find that your moderation actually makes me want to post less here and makes me want to help other posters less (on this forum).

Now if that’s the kind of place you want to have then have at it. But I think it’s (censored) stupid. That this forum is less active is partially because of how you and the other officials act here. I really do think that’s the truth. Not the only parameter, but one of a few.

Steinberg and you should ask yourself if you want to promote this product and create a buzz or not. And then set a policy that promotes that, not thwarts it. When it comes to marketing, listening to your customers and creating a buzz for your product you all get a D-.



Although this post is far from “in mutual respect for each other”, I don’t see any reason why I should censor something, or why I would delete the post. You have expressed your opinion, and I can live with that.
Although I don’t agree with you, I respect your point of view.

I stand behind my decision that a post with only “don’t make it personal” (which to me means that you take something personal, not another person/ but that may be language barrier) is trolling.


You should really try to be less sensitive. Especially considering that you yourself have no problem telling others that some of what they post isn’t “flattering of their intellect” (I forgot the exact phrasing).

Well, it wasn’t, but whatever, you’re the master of your domain :wink:

This thread is a direct follow on from the Very Quiet thread , having read thru the responses on the previous thread as well as this one, I find it amazing that while some can conveniently point the finger at those they consider were the catalyst of eroding the vibe, they haven’t paused to reflect how their own behaviour had a direct role and consequence.

Its alleged by the old guard that it was a well defined, yet unnamed small number of members who systemically scuttled the energy, community and overall vibe of the old forum, and I tend to agree , but our list will differ greatly I suspect.

For me the responsibility lies purely and squarely with the administration , the official and unofficial reps and the thinly veiled shills who seem duty bound to extinguish any and all qualms, no matter how valid , with the typical working fine, working as designed mantra. Who can be bothered having to fight thru that B.S , throw in the now usual "this is not a support forum, contact your local support " lip service that seems to be the standard response from the unoffical/offical reps and you have pretty much the perfect recipe for what we are now experiencing, the sound of crickets… !!

There is one person more than all others who I hold solely responsible for the mass exodus not only from the forum but also Nuendo as a platform , and while some choose to view his contribution thru rosy coloured glasses, there are more than a few of us who have the completely opposite opinion, but of course voicing any detail there would result in censorship and banning…

This forum is a perfect reflection of what Nuendo has become , a Dead end o !

See you at DUC! :laughing:

This is not an exact repeat or the “Quite around here” Thread because this time I’m going to say it for what its worth. Everyone is sooo scared to speak there mind for fear of being banned. I look at it differently if I speak up and get banned then what am I losing. I hardly get any support or advice here anymore. So I’d rather be booted off for trying than sit around frustrated as hell with my mouth shut.

Now TechByte whether you are pointing the finger at Fredo or Timo or the head of Steinberg for the demise of this forum and the future of Nuendo I don’t care. Water under the bridge who did what said what…

I just want change I want the old players out and some new blood in. Hopefully Steinberg will finally see that if the users are saying these types of thing they will have to act or I can see the start of a mass walk out.

Fredo you should be given some other role in Nuendo because you are tainted with resentment and bias feelings toward yourself over the years. Now that’s not to take away the massive positive involvement you have had and will always be respected for but unfortunately people focus on the negative and not the positive. And Timo I think the same applies to you

New people New faces

I can only speak for myself, but the reason that I am rarely contributing to the forum these days is that I’m using N4, not N5 having moved my mixing over to Pro Tools. If and when Nuendo has the features that I need, I may update and move back. Or if Avid implements some kind of usable MIDI and VI use, I may completely move over to Pro Tools. That’s the great thing about Avid opening up PT to 3rd party hardware; we get a choice. Steinberg has to work harder to keep users that ever before.

However, there are things about this forum that have left a nasty taste in the mouth. One example is that Nuendo users are banned from posting in the Cubase forum, even though we have paid for all the features. This decision was just petty and unnecessary, IMO.


Quote from Techbytes:
“This forum is a perfect reflection of what Nuendo has become , a Dead end o !”

Utter nonsence…

As a Pc user, I started using Nuendo when Apple bought Emagic and dropped PC support. I’ve upgraded twice and also bought a Cubase license because of feature leap-frogging. The cost of upgrading to V5 with the NEK made me stop and have a think about whether I should be using Cubase, Nuendo or some other DAW.

I bit the bullet, forgave Apple and bought Logic and a Mac Pro. If V5 had come out with all the features of the latest version of Cubase, I would have just upgraded without thinking about it.

Nuendo should be an integrated flagship product, whether it’s for post or music, there must be many users who straddle both worlds and don’t like being forced to choose one feature set over another.

That’s why these forums are a shadow of what they once were - users are dropping away, nothing to do with moderation.

I’m in partially the same boat. Still on N4, but not using it professionally any longer. My issue was/is that I can’t see the direction of the company. When the impression is given that porting Loopmash to the iPad takes precedence over the coding of the most expensive apps basic features (such as grouping) then I’m not sure the company understands what I as a professional engineer need to do my work faster (in order to compete).

Don’t get me wrong, Nuendo is fantastic, but some basic stuff hasn’t been addressed, it’s 2011 and Loopmash is somehow important… I just don’t feel like investing more at that point…

I agree with this 100%. I see absolutely zero reason for us not being able to post there. I understand that they might want to control who posts on the forum to get rid of lurkers that haven’t paid for the software, but now that that is in place cross posting doesn’t really hurt anyone… does it?

And even if lurkers who didn’t pay get “free” advice, it’s in a backhanded way “marketing”. It’s creating a buzz around the product. Nuendo is “expensive”, but if you’re a pro then it’s nothing over the course of a couple of years. I don’t think anyone who was to lurk without having paid who then decides to use it full time would think twice about paying for it to get proper support etc…

I think the two are connected. Some drop away because they perceive the forum tone to be “counterproductive” and that “soils” the product. Some never get to the product because they’re not exposed to the positive buzz around it because they now have no access to the forum for asking questions about it.

And of course you’re right, some changed products and now there is no reason to post here…

I didn’t say a repeat, I said a follow on , so for those that haven’t read the first thread then my response may not make as much sense.

Water under the bridge who did what said what…

Its not water under the bridge ,the situation is ongoing… !

I just want change I want the old players out and some new blood in. Hopefully Steinberg will finally see that if the users are saying these types of thing they will have to act or I can see the start of a mass walk out.

Its too late… !!

Steinberg had a perfect opportunity with these new forums to turn over a new leaf , bring in the fresh blood from the administration down , and shape the direction of this forum with better direct involvement from the official representatives and product specialists. Instead they reinstated the old administration , and in the case of this sub forum, even promoted the previous to higher ranking , and have raised the level of dismissiveness , lip service and labelling of those that dare raise a voice.

For those that don’t believe that this current situation is a direct reflection of the credibility and standing of the platform in the greater audio community, then they are only fooling themselves IMO , its all over bar the shouting for Nuendo , and you can thank all of the above for instigating the demise. One day Steinberg may learn that their greatest assets were their end users , by that time it will be too late. As it stands , this forum and the behaviour and attitude of the delegated representatives are the competitions greatest asset.

Hey Fredo - What on earth warranted you deleting my last Post. You are clearly not fit to moderate this forum if you have become that sensitive to delete my last post. All I said was its time for new Blood. I pointed out that even you with all your good contributing have been tainted (In the eyes of others) by all the BS over the years and some people can’t see past that. What’s wrong with That! Its just like saying “Johns a really nice guy but his ex-wife friends can’t see past the break up.”

You have just proven why we are in this predicament and why we need New Blood running this ship.

BTW update on Steiberg forum numbers at the time of this post - 14 users online 9 guests while over at PT 96 users and 1076 guests

How long can Steinberg ignore figures like these as a reflection of interest in Steinberg product globally

Steinberg Total 23 - Pro Tools total 1172 a difference of 1149 people