Set group channel on existing channels

Hi there.

Anyone knows if it’s possible to bulk set group channel on several tracks at once? Like the different ones I’ve selected in the attached screenshots? I know how to select tracks in the mixer and add to group channel, but that only goes once - when I subsequently have to add tracks I don’t know how.
different selected tracks mixer.png
different selected tracks.png

If you want to set up a new group, you select the tracks and right click->Add Track->Add Group to selected (you know that)

If you then want to add to this group new tracks, you have to manually change the output of the tracks to point to the group. Either from the inspector, or from the ROUTING section of mixconsole.

Thanks a lot! It’s as a suspected then :frowning:

Maybe I’ll post a suggestion for Cubase 11 or maybe I’m the only one who finds it cumbersome

Have a look here!

Can’t you just use quick link, select the channels you want to add to the existing group then select that group for one of the tracks and all the others will join it?

Of course!

YES! This works perfectly. Greatest thing since sliced bread :smiley: