Set Pool Record Folder

“Set Pool Record Folder” under “Media” in the drop-down menu does absolutely nothing.
What’s the deal? I have to organize my bits!

What do you mean “does absolutely nothing”?

It should set a previously created folder (in the pool window) as the destination for any newly recorded material.

It doesn’t do this for you?

I mean it does absolutely nothing. I click on “Set Pool Record Folder” and nothing happens. I get no prompt or window asking me where I would like to move the folder.

It doesn’t change the folder that Cubase uses in the OS, but the folder within the Pool itself. So, if you create some folders in the Pool then you can then change to put new audio recordings into a selected Pool folder. As said in the first sentence this has nothing to do with the OS folder, usually called Audio, and Pool Folders aren’t mirrored in the Audio folder in any way. I suspect that if you have no Pool Folders then nothing happens because there’s only one option, that is to record in the Pool’s top level.


A) Then why would it not prompt to create a folder? I do believe it should be expected at this point in time for any professional software to be able to create a new folder in it’s own browser window.

B) What is the point of not having Pool folders “mirrored” in the Audio folder? Why would I want a parallel file management system that can only be seen inside of Cubase itself? What does Cubase have against arranging documents by collaborating with OSX? Managing track and FX presets is already a pain in the hooha, given that the files are not viewable through the Finder and you can’t create normal folders for them. Even VST plugins are a mess (many of them cannot be viewed in the Finder or put into user definable folders!).

I am becoming extremely disappointed with the way Cubase handles organization in general. It’s protocol is very different from mine and is not very adaptable/malleable.

Cubase in some ways regards itself as a mini OS if it’s convenient to think of it that way which is why some things are sometimes arcane.
I’ve never seen anyone complain or have a deep and necessary need for these folders before so I’m wondering why it bothers you so much. I have managed without it for many years. If it’s any consolation I find Reaper has daunting details to my mind though it might suit you.
If the need is pressing maybe a search in the manual to see if there’s any explanation of what and why it does what it does will save you looking upset in this forum. You will either find that it’s way more useful or not worth using.

Cubase is a huge mass of detail accumulated over the years. It’s like an old attic at times. Everythings there but it’s easy to forget where and sometimes why. :mrgreen:

It can do that.

In the pool window, right-click on the folder that you wish to create the sub-folder in (except for video) and select “Create Folder” from the context menu.

It’s in the operation manual on page 308

I was referring to the dead-end “Set Pool Record Folder” function which should be able to create a folder rather than do nothing.

DBAD= Don’t be a douche.

If you can’t figure out why someone would want to save their Cubase data into user defined folders ‪à la‬ every other successful computer program, then you should up and leave these forums because you are wasting everyone’s time with trolling sycophantic garbage. It’s like asking why someone would want to use protein in their food O_o

You know damn well if you have used any other professional program to produce anything (After Effects, Final Cut, Reason etc.) that these programs use the basic OS folder tree for their data architecture. The main reason is twofold:
A) the OS does it better
B) once you learn the basic folder mechanisms and workflow for one program, it does not have to be re-learned for each subsequent program.

Even if they do not let you view your data in the finder (Firefox bookmarks for instance) you can still create folders and subfolders to arrange your information.
Having an invisible 3rd party organize your information without customization is frustrating and sometimes insulting.

The absence of user definable folders for any data you create in a program is shortsighted and these days downright unprofessional.

“I’ve never seen anyone complain or have a deep and necessary need for these folders before”- Conman
Maybe you should have a peek at this thread like the other 18,000+ that have already:
Your statement is downright embarrassing. :blush:

Everyone else seems to manage just fine. If you don’t think it’s pro enough then sell it on and use somethng else.
You did try out the demo before you bought the program and found out what works for you, or not, first?

Every program has a learning curve. And I wasn’t abusive to you as I am a professional and don’t need to be.
And being professional I read the manuals first before I try to run the program ass backwards and pick fights with potential friends.
Calm down. It’s only a bedroom. :mrgreen:

And PS: For a “professional” you seem to have an awful lot of other problems. Gratuitous griefing is against the forum rules. As is picking fights, I see I am not the only one.

I wonder if this is what he’s talking about.

Each Cubase project has a project folder containing
(among other things) an “Audio” folder. By default, this is
where recorded audio files are stored. > However, you can
select record folders independently for each audio track if

Proceed as follows:

  1. To select the same record folder for several audio
    tracks, select them by pressing [Shift] or [Ctrl]/[Command]
    and clicking on them in the Track list.
  2. Right-click in the Track list for one of the tracks to
    bring up the context menu.
  3. Select “Set Record Folder”.

If (OTOH) he’s talking about the pool, yeah, no dialog should pop up. It only sets the selected folder as the record folder.

That’s exactly what it is.

It doesn’t “do nothing”. It does exactly like it’s name implies it does.
It only “does nothing” if it’s unavailable (greyed out in the menu).
It’s unavailable because:

  1. The pool window isn’t open/in focus, and
  2. You haven’t selected another folder (other than the current record folder or “Video”) in the pool window.

IMHO, no, it shouldn’t. It would create an inefficiency.
There are cases in which users don’t always want to create a new folder every time they set another record folder.
Currently, the “Set Pool Record Folder” function takes a short time to activate.
By implementing the ability for it to create folders, it would extend that time (if the user didn’t want to create a new folder) by requiring further user interaction (telling the function to not create a new folder, or even hitting “OK” in a dialog box).

Everyone else seems to manage just fine.

That’s quite a grandiose assumption, don’t you think?

It’s not an assumption it is a FACT. :laughing: I know what Cubase is from it’s manuals and all the other places it is used like studios and by composers. People I actually exist with and not moaners in a forum who don’t seem to have friends to help them. There are suggestions of what it could be but most users know what it IS. And they use it that way.
It is flexible and adaptable in many ways and indeed I too use it unconventionally sometimes but I don’t whine in complaining that it needs to work MY way as some do in nearly every post they contribute (particularly a user who gives no system specs to help any observing devs out and who even finds the forum hard work [check his posts]. If one can’t use the forum properly then Cubase is going to be beyond you and no-one will take you seriously if you’re that inept). And a high horse won’t help either.
They develop Cubase for the USER BASE and not the half dozen here who are serial complainers who seem to find more bugs a week than allows them to actually use a studio productively as the rest of the users do normally.

There are other ways to do what the OP is attempting and the Pool is not the right place to do it from.
He knows it all so I’m not going to tell him. Or the other one. Or two.

ps these tantrum attitudes are definitely absent from any other professional forum you care to look at and it makes Cubase users look like a bunch of spoilt kids.
Actually now I think of it the tantrum attitudes do happen more around the school holidays. Like now.

No, it is not greyed out, and here it is doing nothing:
Pool Record (1.02 MB)
As far as I know, there is no other function listed in the menus that has the ability to do nothing.
If this function only works from the pool window, it should be a button or option from the pool window (right next to a “create record folder” function).

Also, the fact that “Create Folder” only creates a folder within the pool itself and is not mirrored in the OS makes it a foolish move, as it alienates Cubase audio from being organized outside the program. Organizational schemes should not be forced to be hidden from the OS.

I don’t know of any program, DAW or otherwise, that is “organised outside the program”.
Please explain.
Pages 308/9 does state that only the audio used in the project is contained in the Pool Record Folder. The Pool is internal to the Project as are any folders created in it.
If you need to use the material elsewhere, that is not the way to save them out.

Hmmm, dumb as rocks or just a troll? Not sure which.

I should have no need to explain to you how a folder tree works on a computer operating system. This is not a high-school computer lab in 1986. You can learn the basics of Windows or Mac OS on your own time. You are an absolute tool and I will be ignoring you now.

I will if you learn the basics of Cubase and take my previous advice which you may have missed due to us posting at the same time. Cubase DOES save the Pool contents internally to its own structure. That’s the way it works.
I have reported this and your other griefing and abusive posts. Yet another “problem” which no-one else seems to have.
Yes, I am too dumb because I can make the program work apparently. :mrgreen: