Set up / instrument change- does not change

This has happened a few times now, and I can’t understand why.

I start out with one organ instrument in a file, a simple hymn. Then I save this file to a new name and add more instruments (3 other organs). I then try to change the 1st organ to a choir instrument, but the options do not appear (so I add a choir instrument).

I’m not able to change the first organ to another instrument. All the other instruments can change, but not the first one. When I try to perform the operation, nothing happens. The list of instruments does not appear. Thanks for your help.

Come Down, O Love Divine - XXX.dorico (402.0 KB)

This might help, but no guarantees given:

Instead of selecting Change Instrument, click on the " + " to add an instrument and then delete the recalcitrant one. Change Instrument will then hopefully become available for the newly-added instrument.

Thank you Steven. That did work, but I wish I could fix the issue.

The reason that Change Instrument is non-functional in this project is that at some point in the past, you’ve created an extra staff for that instrument, which unfortunately rules it out of being able to have its instrument changed. Equally unfortunately there’s no good way for you to tell this yourself (I have to use my magic powers to divine this information).

What I suggest you do is create a new player with an Organ attached, copy and paste the music from the existing Organ player to the new player’s Organ, then delete the old player and its instrument. Now you should be able to change its instrument with impunity.