Setting up mixer view sets

The manual seems pretty thin on this (or I’ve just missed it). I’m setting up a massive template, and looking to have mixer view sets of, say, just strings, brass etc (both midi and audio tracks). What’s the best way of setting this up? Thanks.

You have 3 separate mixers. It’s ultimately a matter of available screen real estate.

Each one can be configured in many ways. Learn the options on one and you have learned them all. There are icons on the left panel enabling you to hide different types of channels from view, e.g., midi tracks, group channels, etc. You can also created presets for mixers views using the little icons at the lower left of the mixer panel. The only difference between the three mixers is that number 1 is toggled open/ close by ‘F3.’

You can also change the view/ appearance of individual channels with ‘hide’ or ‘narrow’ or ‘wide’ views or of all in view with extended views.

Instead of a template, which will open as you want it, but not revert once you change it, use presets or, even better, ‘workspaces.’ The later has the advantage that you can toggle/ ‘recall’ between different groupings of mixer views. Finally, with ‘workspaces,’ include how you’ve configured these in your template.


Thank you, Como. I’m really after being able to manually include / exclude certain channels, rather than just - say - all midi channels. That’s the part I’m kinda stuck with - I see there is a “set hide” parameter, but not sure how that works. In the end, would love to have a bunch of presets, if it’s possible to choose which individual channels are in and out.

I think all the presets must be ‘type’ specific, i.e., as the Cubase mixer categorizes them by midi, group, audio, etc., as Cubase cannot know before hand how many tracks of any type and which specific ones you want to ‘hide’ or not ‘hide.’

If you are certain of having a standard setup each time, you can use presets to set up the basic configurations and then workspaces within the template to tailor what you want to see. You have up to 10 to configure. These are independent of the mixers, but I don’t think they can over ride things like whether a channel is set to ‘hide’ or not … but I am unsure. This would presumably give you what you want if the workspace could also change those parameters in the mixer. Try it and see.

‘Hide’ channels also have a ‘hide channels that can be hidden’ toggle. I’m pretty sure you could have up to three different sets of ‘hide’ channels, one for each mixer, as AFAIK each mixer operates independently. This would give you some control over viewing specific channel settings of your choice.


Ah ha - Como, I’ve figured it out! It’s a bit tricksy, but I think you can set anything you like and and have unlimited view sets. Here’s how.

  1. In the mixer central strip, select Command Target: Selected Only (this is the middle of the top three strips, level with the channel pan controls). The middle strip will turn orange.

  2. Select tracks you DON’T want to see (you can do this in stages).

  3. In the mixer central strip, click the small “-” character, below the two vertical strips - "Remove “can hide” from target channels.

  4. Press the two vertical strips - Hide Channels set to “can hide”.

  5. Repeat stage 3 as often as you need til you only have the channels you want in your View Set.

  6. Bottom LHS of the mixer, press “Store View Set”.

  7. Give your view set a name.

  8. Now you can select this, and any other view set by pressing the down arrow on the bottom LHS.

Fantastic. As you say, Como, you can select which channels are narrow, wide etc using the same method. Nice! Pro Tools can do something similar in a totally different way, really pleased Cubase can do the same thing. It feels a little fussy to set up, but it works!

Man, I totally was not aware of the “Command Target” middle button thing. I was pressing the “set target channels to can hide” after just selecting some channels, and was wondering why it didn’t do anything. Now I know why. I was spending time alt clicking every time. :unamused:


A lot of Cubase seems pretty Not Obvious… glad someone got something from my fumbling about, Yutaka!

If you have an MCU, there are 8 buttons under fader groups, that map to the first 8 presets, making it easy to switch between the views.


I do … but I always thought those buttons simply moved the MCU selected channels along in groups of 8, alternatively to using the Bank left or right buttons.

Could you please point me to where via the MCU I tie them to specific mixer presets (if I understand you correctly!)?

That would be fantastic!


From the remote controls manual:

Using the controls in the Fader Groups section
In your application, you can create so called channel view presets in your Mixer window, by selecting the channels to be displayed and clicking the symbol button at the bottom left of the Mixer window.
The Steinberg key assignments for Mackie Control make use of the channel views feature. In the Fader Groups section, the first channel view defined in your application is assigned to button 1, the second channel view is assigned to button 2 and so on. In this way, you can switch between any of the first eight channel views of your program by pressing one of the buttons in the Fader Groups section.

So basically set up your views as noiseboyuk described and that’s it. The first 8 in your list are automatically assigned to those 8 buttons.


What!? People read these manual thingies?

Thanks, Ron!


I still haven’t gotten into it yet, but here’s a tip from nuendo forum that maybe on topic here.

I dont’ think my MC Mix can make use of these, sadly. Would be a terrific addition to the iPhone / iPad app though.