Setting up the render

“To open the Setup Assistant for Dolby Atmos dialog, click Setup Assistant in the ADM Authoring for Dolby Atmos window.”

Sorry to be so naïve but the doc is written like I know these things - where is the Setup Assistant in the ADM Authoring for Dolby Atmos window? Thanks…s

Project Menu / ADM Authoring for Dolby Atmos.

Top right corner in the dialog that pops up

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Thank you. I have it it up. Where to I install the Atmos plug-in? How do I get signal to it?

Hi Steve,
You can find answers to almost all of your questions here,

Dom’s videos are mostly for Cubase but they’re really good. This one is for getting started with Atmos. HTH.

Are you giving up on the external renderer and trying to use Nuendo’s built-in?

There are numerous videos in the Nuendo YouTube channel that cover this - sorry, don’t have the links handy.

But essentially you need to create a 7.1.4 bus and add the Nuendo renderer as plugin. Route that as your audio out to the main interface. Then use the ADM window to setup beds and objects. There are some details that may be better to follow along in one of those videos.

But it’s a very different setup than the Dolby Suite and it can only render ADM files if I’m not mistaken, but that is fine if you turn those over to your mastering engineer.

Thank you allklier,

The video is more of a sales pitch then a how too. When he gets to the how too he races over them eager to show you results.

I think I have an idea how to get audio but I still will have to mess around.

The DAR works fine. Once I accidently stumbled on the concept it had Preferences e.g be connected to the driver it was easy to set up.

My issue with the DAR is it is driver hungry - it won’t let me bring in audio from the Lynx at the same time outputting back to the Lynx.

The tech from Vintage Kings created a hybrid driver that should be able to do both but so far no luck. It seems to be a Nuendo issue as other DAWs don’t have this issue,

So I will power up the system and keep clicking on things on the hope I can get a signal to the N12 renderer. And the miracle I can get it back to N12 especially the headphone mix TY …s

Sorry, I didn’t mean the ‘Nuendo features for Atmos’ sales pitches.

In this video he sets everything up from scratch and goes slow. It’s for a film, not music, but the mechanics are the same: Nuendo 11 - Authoring for Dolby Atmos Workflow - YouTube (it should be cued to the relevant starting point)

Where do I plug in the rendered? I tried multiple places with a signal going to every channel. Nothing lights up on the N12-render. ( the DAR lights up when I use it)

Frustration is overflowing! (with respect to Randy Newman) ‘I think it’s gonna rain today.’

I need a step by step written roadmap to follow, not a video for another DAW or confusing doc links.

I am wondering if it is too late to return N12 or should I just buy a copy of PT for my mac, pay the yearly ransome. I have a 10 year history with PT. - N12 seems like a private club that doesn’t want me as a member…

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Is there a help line at Nuendo that could help me out of this rabbit hole?

How do I contact them?..s

I think it’s maybe unclear what you are looking to do at this point. If you have the external renderer connected then that’s the one to use to execute a render, not the internal one. If you instantiate the internal renderer in Nuendo the it will be the source for .ADM exports. As far as I know.

So the workflow should be using either one or the other I would think.

However, I would also think that switching renderer within the window that allklier posted earlier (ADM Authoring for Dolby Atmos) should give you the option to just reassign all beds and objects within the project to the ‘new’ renderer. Since I don’t have the external one it may be more complicated than that, but it doesn’t seem like it should be.

In other words, switching to internal here;

I would expect it to ask if you want to reassign all objects and beds automatically to the newly selected renderer .

Oh, and I’ve had the actual renderer plugin on my 7.1.4 output bus in Nuendo and I’d expect it to have to be instantiated before switching… probably.

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I have made copies of your original session (thank you)

I want to try the N12 renderer to see if it solves the issues I am having with the DAR. It is just I can’t get the N12 renderer setup or to work. I don’t get straight answers from anyone just links.

I would be happy to pay someone for their time…s

Does Nuendo have pay support?

PS my DAR is on my M1 with N12 not a separate machine…

It works fine just the driver issues.

My solution is to record the input first but I would love to have throughput meaning live input while outputting a rendered mix

Also N12 is a pain to switch divers on every thing needs to be redone

I hear you and feel your pain. We all occasionally end up there.

The companies generally don’t offer this type of help these days. The logistics and cost of doing this on a global scale relative to the revenues don’t compute. At best they offer ticket based support for software defects.

So you have to find other avenues for the assistance. Forums like these can be a source of answers for all of us, but they only go so far. There is no guarantee someone will respond, the timing may be awkward, and for complex problems where we can’t see your screen or talk, it’s not as helpful as we give you bread crumbs for the trail rather than actionable and repeatable help.

I’m in a few other forums, actually Discord channels, which are much smaller groups, where we occasionally jump on a screen share with another member and work through a thorny issue in real time. But even there, it depends on the availability and nature of the issue, if rescue exists or not when you’re on a job deadline and nothing is working.

Ultimately your best bet is to go back to your reseller and see what they can offer, or find someone local who is willing to come over and sit with you and has regular availability. This being Dolby Atmos for music makes this a smaller pond to fish in though. You might also find someone that can get on a screen share and work through, most things may be achievable that way, though we can only see but not necessarily hear.

I’d be happy to do a screen share if that helps if I’m not on a deadline. Though you may be better off with someone who does music not film post, as some of the parts are different.

Sorry for not having a better answer. All this tech is cool, but can also be super frustrating, and the companies are of little help these days. In their defense, we’re also not paying for that level of support with our normal subscriptions or one-time license fees. And these companies don’t sell self-contained turn-key systems anymore, but just a software package that lives within a complex set of components they may not know at all. You are looking for solution level support, not product level support. Steinberg only owns one piece of this puzzle.

Quality human support at scale is hugely expensive, which is why they all have gone to a self-serve model, and there’s a cottage industry of resellers that some of us use, but most don’t.

Also on your driver issue - there are tech solutions, though they become more rabbit holes that may not be a good choice in your case.

I was able to use Rogue Amoeba’s LoopBack tool to create virtual interfaces with multiple inputs (hardware + Dolby) and multiple outputs (hardware + Dolby). Then you can use that as your ASIO driver inside Nuendo. Not sure what that does to sync issues (someone pointed this out before in a previous thread), and it’s unwieldy because the Atmos bridge uses 128 inputs which just explodes the UI. I think this is what your reseller attempted to do.

One limitation of Nuendo is that it only allows for one playback engine and I/O interface. ProTools offers Aux I/O and you can configure additional interfaces to get your inputs back in.

Looking at your situation, it may just be easier to go back to ProTools. Yes, you pay a subscription instead of a perpetual license. But compared to the frustration and/or need to pay for a solutions expert to assist you, it may be cheaper and less taxing in the long term and all your muscle memory comes back.

The other path, as you’re attempting right now, is to use Nuendo’s ATMOS renderer, which creates ADM files. Keep the DAR around as a standalone app for re-rendering and other tasks once you have your ADM file.

PS: I won’t go into the whole perpetual/subscription debate here. But I do believe the hatred is a misplaced emotional reaction. If you put emotions aside, they make good business sense for both sides, which is why pretty much everyone uses them now.

PS2: In the TV series ‘Nikita’ there was an endearing character known as ‘Nerd’. For those of us who are not tech natives, we just all need a nerd on speed dial to make it through modern life. The ultimate solve for you may be to find your nerd.

Aliktier - thank you for your kind, and articulate response. Yes the days when Ray Dolby would for an hour explain the complexities of noise reduction to me or I would have long chats with William Stockton on digital encoders, or Dave Blackmer on his VCA and RMS detector are gone. I feel privilege to have grown up in such a formative period in our industry.

My vender is looking for a tutor for me and I even wrote Steinberg last night out of frustration,

In reading some reviews of PT it may be going from the frying pan into the fire. As I am hooking up the output of my old PT to the input of N12 I will have the benefits of both worlds as my PT is still workable, its most serious failing is to accept the new plug-ins but I do have some good oldie but goodies.

Mattias has been kind to insert the N12 render into the session he made for me which I will play with as soon as I can remove myself from bed lol.

I think many of the issues in our industry are a sign of the times where the brightest and the best have been scooped up by big tech, those jobs seem to be ending now as seen by the current layoffs.

I will forge ahead knowing that once everything is set up it will be time for me to do what I do, make sound not code.

Thank you again for your help and kind words…s


@murrysdad Just saw this thread in another forum and thought you would find it interesting (slight hijack here):

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Dolby has Dolby U a training course - didn’t learn much

You know the old saying - ‘those who can do the rest teach…’

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